The Djakarta Old Golf Society, more commonly known as The D.O.G.S., have been playing in the Jakarta area since 2005.  The original D.O.G.S. were based in Manila, Founder Fritz Hainzl saw a need for a similar organization in Jakarta and formed the Jakarta chapter. There are now over 500 past and present members of the D.O.G.S. Each week 25 to 40+ members turn up to compete for the Big Dog trophy.

The D.O.G.S. play a 6 week tournament consisting of an Eclectic competition and Lowest Gross competition.  For the Eclectic, a players best score from each hole over the course of the competition is used to determine the overall champion.  Lowest Gross Champion is determined by averaging players best 4 gross scores over the 6 weeks.  The winner of the Eclectic takes home the coveted Big Dog.

Each week's game also has a Stableford competition to determine the Weekly Champion.  The winner of the weekly honors takes home the Little Dog which is almost as popular as the big guy.

The D.O.G.S. are very relaxed with all ranges of players welcome.  Each week there are beginners to single digit handicaps showing up.  If you don't know somebody a pairing is easily organized.  There are no membership dues.  A small game fee is collected from players each week which is used for trophies and prizes.  There is also no minimum number of games to show up for, players may play as much or little as they like.