Many Dogs are using Deemples to sign up for our games and find other games.  Deemples also has the ability to calculate a handicap for users. 

The D.O.G.S. have agreed to host a Monthly Medal for Deemples during one of our Eclectic tournaments.  This is a stroke play competition off the Deemples handicap. To get one, just have 5 rounds played and scores submitted via the Deemples app.


Here is how to enter scores.

Adjust Gross Score using Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) with the table below:

Course Handicap             Maximum Number

     9 or less                        Double Bogey

       10-19                                    7

      20-29                                    8

      30-39                                    9

   40 and above                            10

  • Go to "My Games" and select "Previous"

  • Once you've found the game and selected it you then select Scoring (Beta) & Rating

  • Your own score and rating will be greyed out as you can't put anything in for yourself.

  • 2 other players must enter your score for it to be used.

  • The input window pops up where the Rating and Slope are entered followed by scores.

  • When you click on the + symbol next to a name the entry screen will pop up.  Just put in the ESC adjusted score.

  • For ladies you will also have to change the Rating and Slope

  • Don't forget to give everyone a good rating.

  • Click on "Submit" and you are done.

  • You can also find ESC information by clicking "What is Adjusted Gross Score" link on bottom of scoring page.

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