D.O.G.S. Final Round Rancamaya

Hail the D.O.G.S.

We had a huge turnout for our penultimate round at Rancamaya with 64 players showing up. Traffic was light again which made getting to and from the course early.  Play was slow but most groups were able to finish in spite of the rain.

The lead changed hands again this week, with a devilishly good looking gentleman occupying the top spot, but it is still a close race with many people within reach.

Another highlight was the guest appearance of our leader Mr. David Carpenter who returned to hurl abuse at this week’s winners.  Congratulations to  all who were singled out.

Please find attached results and formula from the penultimate round.

Thank you to everyone who turns in their cards before going to the shower to help speed up the scoring.

Join us for our final round at Rancamaya Golf & Country Club this SATURDAY 18 AUGUST 2012.  Hope to see a continuation of the large numbers.

Tee time: 11.30 am

Price is Rp 500,000 net per person.




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