D.O.G.S. First Round at Rancamaya Golf Club

Updated: Apr 10

Hail the D.O.G.S.!!!!!,

This week saw our return to one of the most iconic golf courses in Indonesia as we headed to our usual Ramadan venue of Rancamaya. The setting, the course and the sunset make us all realise that it doesn’t really matter about the traffic, although there wasn’t any for a change, and the fact that the course will always win. The view from the clubhouse of the majestic Gunung Salak, whether in the morning or at sunset, really makes it all worth it. Rancamaya did not disappoint. We had a great turnout with 54 players for the start of our 4 round Eclectic Series; shortened due to the early Idul Fitri festival this year.

Good to welcome Remon Moerman, Okkie, Laurie O’Connor, Cedric Lee, David Baglivo and Sebastian Braun back after long absences and a big welcome to newcomer Shyam Datye. Additionally, a big welcome to our new Gold Sponsor from DoortoIndonesia, Kestin Suhadi and Shinta.

The difference between 10 million and ZERO!

Sorry Indar

Now to the play, no multiple winners this week, it's always good to share around the glory! So, Roger Finnie and James Bristow showed us how accurate they can be by taking the Nearest to the Pin prizes as were Diarmuid Flanagan and Jude "I look like a Rancamaya waiter" Alexander by taking the Drive & Pitch honours. Remon Moerman took one of the Longest Drives whilst Indar “By a Mile” Dhaliwal thought he had taken the other Longest Drive until “Ass Kicker” Rey Moore proved him otherwise, careful Indar!!!

Jens Roestel was this week’s Putting Champion, no mean feat on the rather unpredictable greens. Very uncharacteristically Sami Kekonen was this week’s Booby Prize winner and Colin Shanks brought up the rear, if you’ll pardon the expression (still can’t get over Ass Kicker Rey) by adding to his collection of Most Exercise prizes; maybe at the end of the year we should give you a prize for winning the most prizes!

Richard Mau again showed us how it’s done taking the Lowest Gross prize this week and Jude Alexander just missed out on the top prize by being this week’s Runner Up.

Now it’s always good to have first time winners and this week it was Diarmuid Flanagan’s turn. He clearly loved the course, maybe taking a leaf out of the story of Diarmuid of the Love Spot in Irish Mythology (I hear Google being used here), by being this week’s Champion and taking home the Little Dog. Well done Diarmuid!

Congratulations to all of this week's winners!