D.O.G.S. Penultimate Round at Permata Sentul Golf Club

Hail the D.O.G.S.!!!!!,

Another big day at the course with 45 Dogs turning up for some golf. As has been the case the entire tournament the starters were prepared and were ushering players out to the carts shortly after 12:00. Take notice those of you turning up after 12:00, when the starter says go we go. If you turn up late check the sign up board to collect your card and ask the starter where to go.

A shotgun start had the D.O.G.S. in play quickly and as morning groups finished their round the pace of play was able to pick up. Another hot day on the links saw everyone attacking the course trying to make improvements. This is evident in the shuffling of the Eclectic Top 10.

Welcome to Namal Kautsar, Alistair Toyon and Bob Subash another returnee from the JAWS visit. Thanks for coming out guys, we're looking forward to seeing more of you!

Much appreciation to everyone doing their best to keep the D.O.G.S. moving. We strive to be welcome back everywhere we play and known as a group that plays quickly and maintains their decorum on the course. Our Etiquette page has some information around this and if you are unsure of how fast you should be playing here's a simple flowchart to help.

We have to admit it; we are becoming very spoiled by Lili Bristow. It has become the norm for us to come off the course and find delicious savory snacks waiting for us and this week Lili added some donuts to the mix. You are way too kind to us Lili; thank you very much!

As we come towards the end of this tournament players are becoming more focused and were scoring well this week witnessed by 10 players getting above their handicap for Stableford points. Gary Danskin once again was our Lowest Gross Winner with a 75. New guy Bob Subash was our Runner Up for the day with 40 points, just 1 shy of Andy Abram's 41 which earned him Weekly Champion to go along with his Putting Champion award.

Congratulations to all of this week's winners! Check out full results on our Leaderboard.

As we move to the final week the fight for the Big Dog is one of our most competitive in recent memory. As with last week less than 3 points separate 1st and 10th but the players have changed quite a bit. Gaurav Shirke is currently in 1st only 0.2 points ahead of Fernando Gaggino. The two Dogs to watch this week are the Wiley Fin Timo Karonen and the Mad German Michael Mueller. Both of these guys have a lot of bogies left on their scorecards, a good day could see either of them donning a Blue Jacket. The rest in the Top 10 have scant few bogies left to get so they need birdies. Gary Danskin looks to have sewn up the Lowest Gross and will be firing at flagsticks for birdies in his attempt to be a double winner.

In an effort to improve safety Sarah Brown is arranging with the course for us to do our prize giving ceremony outside next week, providing the weather cooperates.

Come out and join us for our final round.

Where: Permata Sentul Golf Club