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D.O.G.S. Penultimate Round at Rainbow Hills Golf Club

Hail the D.O.G.S.!!!!!,

The day was shaping up nicely for the 34 Dogs who came out. An early start had groups teeing off from 11:30. The skies were clear and it was a bright sunny day. The pace was quick as the course was pretty empty due to the holiday weekend and it looked like we would get around the course rapidly. As groups were close to finishing their first nine it all changed, a storm moved in quickly and the rains chased everyone to shelters where they waited for about an hour until the rain eased up enough for play to resume. It was wet going but for those who chose to play in the rain, a full round was completed.

Welcome to Suzanne Holl who was out for her first D.O.G.S. round. We hope the wet weather didn't put you off and you will be back soon.

It took 5 weeks but the guys were finally able to win a Longest Drive with Steve Sutton and Gary Danskin collecting one each. New guy Supachai Suesomboon was our Putting Champion with 27. Gary Danskin's 76 won him Lowest Gross and puts him firmly at the top for the Tournament Lowest Gross. For the second week in a row James Bristow got to take home the Little Dog as Weekly Champion.

Congratulations to all of our winners! As always full results are posted on our Leaderboard.

Going into the final round Gary Danskin is sitting at the top of the Eclectic but there are many players not far behind him. A few improvements could see someone leapfrogging into first place and taking the prize.

Next week is our final round at this course. As is usual for the final, the Big Dog will be on hand. One last chance to play this venue with the D.O.G.S. in 2020 and the opportunity to be there when the new Champion is announced. Grab a friend and come out and join us.

Where: Rainbow Hills Golf Club

When: Saturday, November 7, 2020

Tee Off: 12:00

Green Fee + Golf Cart: 780.000 IDR/person

As we need time to arrange groups and be prepared for the possibility of an early start we request players are at the course 1 hour early.

If you would like to join us for a round there are several ways to register:

If you are going to be late or decide not to play let us know so appropriate arrangements can be made.

Former champions the prize giving is a Blue Jacket event.

See you at the course,




Question: In the rain, a player holds an umbrella over his or her head with one hand while holing a short putt with his or her putter held in the other hand; there is no penalty.

This is correct.

The player is allowed to hold the umbrella himself or herself. It would be a penalty if the player's caddie or any other person held the umbrella over the player's head while the player made a stroke. See Rule 10.2b(5)

10.2b (5) Physical Help and Protection from Elements. A player must not make a stroke:

While getting physical help from his or her caddie or any other person, or

With his or her caddie or any other person or object deliberately positioned to give protection from sunlight, rain, wind or other elements.

Before the stroke is made, such help or protection is allowed, except as prohibited in Rules 10.2b(3) and (4).

This Rule does not prohibit the player from taking his or her own actions to protect against the elements while making a stroke, such as by wearing protective clothing or holding an umbrella over his or her own head.

Penalty for Breach of Rule 10.2: General Penalty; loss of hole in match play or two penalty strokes in stroke play.



Covid-19 Player Safety

Playing is the sole decision of each player. There is adequate information available publicly on Covid-19 to allow each person to form their own judgement on playing and what steps should be taken to protect oneself and playing partners.


Lili Bristow has been spoiling the D.O.G.S. by having delicious snacks, prepared by herself, waiting for us at the clubhouse. Next week she will have hot dogs for us. Lili bears the entire cost of this and does not want any remuneration, however, if you have been enjoying these treats and would like to show some thanks Lili has asked us to please make a donation to our charity barrel after next week's round.

Proceeds from this tournament will be given to Riahana "Hanna" Ariestya for Tempat Belajar. A group started by Hanna and co-workers to help Anak Jalanan.


Many D.O.G.S. are supporters of ISCO, playing in their monthly game for charity and their golf tournament last week. They also have been hosting a networking night every Wednesday for the past 11 years. This has been on hold since March. We are happy to inform that Alpenstammtisch International is finally back.

  • When: Wednesday, November 4th 2020

  • Time: 18:00 - 21:00

  • Location: Blue Martini Bar - JW Marriott Jakarta, Mega Kuningan

Complimentary food and 50% OFF on all beverages.

Hope to see some fellow D.O.G.S. there on Wednesday.


Thank you to everyone who is using the app. Rod Williams has taken the point position on this. If you are having some trouble or have questions please get with Rod.

Before turning in your scorecard at the end of the round make sure your scores are entered.

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