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D.O.G.S. Second Round at Rainbow Hills Golf Club

Hail the D.O.G.S.!!!!!,

Another big turnout with 47 players submitting cards after a great day of golf. Despite a very packed course the starter had the D.O.G.S. heading to their tee boxes on time. Although rain threatened for from the time we showed up and through the round, with the exception of a very light few drops it never came. The overcast skies did provide a relatively cool day for golf.

Thank you to Mahmood Al-Bayati who brought along his mates Colin Shanks, Graham McBain and Robson Drumond who enjoyed their first round with the D.O.G.S. We are glad you gents came out and we hope to see you again soon.

Yusni Yusof was initially excited to receive his D.O.G.S. handicap until he saw he was playing off a 9 😅. Unperturbed he went out and shot an 86 which included an eagle on Forest number 7. Albert Santos also got to play his first round with a shiny new D.O.G.S. handicap; watch for him to start creeping up in the Eclectic standings.

Once again it was the ladies taking both Longest Drives with Cucu Chandra and Juju Juhaeriah each taking one. That's 0 for 4 for the guys in this tournament. With the distances between tee boxes the ladies definitely have an advantage. It's going to take some big hits to get past them.

Gary Danskin has found his form shooting a 73 off the stick to easily take the day's Lowest Gross prize. Will Tim Knight be able to give him some competition for the Lowest Gross Trophy? We'll have to wait and see.

James Bristow graciously donated a bottle of wine to be awarded to the Ladies Highest Stableford which went to Octa Abram. Octa's 42 points were also enough to earn her Runner Up; since Octa was OB Sarah Brown became the winner of the wine which she promptly shared with the other ladies and a few lucky gentlemen.

The biggest smile of the day came from Dennis Prangel whose 46 points were enough to crown him our Weekly Champion.

Congratulations to all of our winners! As always full results are posted on our Leaderboard.

Time marches on quickly, next week we will already be at our halfway point. Don't miss your chance to play; come out and join us for a round at this great venue.

Where: Rainbow Hills Golf Club

When: Saturday, October 17, 2020

Tee Off: 12:00

Green Fee + Golf Cart: 780.000 IDR/person

As we need time to arrange groups and be prepared for the possibility of an early start we request players are at the course 1 hour early.

If you would like to join us for a round there are several ways to register:

If you are going to be late or decide not to play let us know so appropriate arrangements can be made.

See you at the course,




Reminder that we play to USGA rules. Anything that is outside the rules that hasn't been announced prior to the start of our game is outside the rules. For example; if we don't announce that lift, clean and place is in effect then it is not. No need to ask anyone.

Lost balls are part of the game. Do you know what to do when you think your ball maybe lost? Here is a good video on some often misunderstood rules; it explains how to handle a lost ball and how relief should be taken when you have an unplayable lie.

What if you have lost your ball in a penalty area? Knowing rule 17.1 could come in handy.



Covid-19 Player Safety

Playing is the sole decision of each player. There is adequate information available publicly on Covid-19 to allow each person to form their own judgement on playing and what steps should be taken to protect oneself and playing partners.


This week was the first week of collections to be given to charity. Thank you to all those who have already donated. We will have the collection jar out after each round so there is still plenty of time to drop something in.

Gary Danskin is running a raffle and will be donating 50% of the proceeds to our charity fund.

The raffle is for 2 Bali National vouchers; no fees to pay, only just pay caddy tip. The vouchers are valid until the 30/06/2021

He will be running this raffle all week and will be going round to everyone on Saturday with a raffle book. The raffle will be drawn during the presentations next Saturday after our round.

If you can't make the round but want to participate you can reply to Gary's message in our WhatsApp group or email us and we'll get you in touch with Gary.


Thank you to all of you who are inputting your scores. This really helps out. Those who are not entering scores should start as we will very soon be moving to the online scoring and if scores are not entered on the app they will not be entered in the Eclectic. Now is a good time to learn how to use the app.

If you haven't signed up for the app please go to their website and create an account.


We have had some responses for these tee shirts but not enough yet to go forward with the order. Price will be 200K each.

Please let us know if you would like one by sending your name and size to

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