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D.O.G.S. Second Round at Rainbow Hills Golf Club

Hail the D.O.G.S.!!!

So we headed up the hill again for our second round at Rainbow Hills. 46 players made the journey with some newcomers and some faces we haven't seen in a while. A big welcome to Paul Barnett, Lauren and Evind Hoiback and a welcome back to Bryn Griffiths, Peter Hogewoning and Justin Pianca.

Well, the weather was good for much of the round but unfortunately we had to stop during everyone's back nine due to a storm passing through. Most people called it a day but some brave souls stood it out and managed to finish their rounds, albeit in fading light conditions.

Just a reminder to all please, if you don't finish, leave your unplayed holes blank on both the scorecard and myGolf2u. You will not be able to "Finish" the game on the app but don't worry, all the holes you have completed will count towards your Eclectic score.

So, we determined that all players had completed at least 14 holes and we counted the Stableford points on the first 14 holes played to determine the Runner Up and Weekly Champion. We did award the skills prizes where again, the ladies featured strongly with Sarah Brown taking one of the Nearest to the Pin prizes and Juju Juhaeriah taking both the Longest Drive Prizes and Meher Noronha one of the Drive & Pitch honours. The other Nearest to the Pin and Drive & Pitch prizes went to Mark Johnson and Diarmuid Flanagan respectively.

We didn't award any Putting Champion or Lowest Gross prizes this week neither did we give out the Booby and Most Exercise Trophies.

Based on the 14 holes as mentioned Mark Johnson was this week's Runner Up with Patrick Chaundy taking the Little Dog home becoming this week's Champion.

A big congratulations to all this week's winners.

Eagles are becoming more frequent these days with Craig Edwards getting the latest with his Eagle 3 on the Forest course Par 5, 7th hole...well played Craig!

So Please check out the full standings on our Leaderboard page or in the myGolf2u app.

After the truncated 2nd round we see some significant movement at the top of the Eclectic Leaderboard with Juju Juhaeriah taking the new lead - but there's still a long way to go. Please check out the full standings on our Leaderboard page or in the myGolf2u app.

Rancamaya Charity Day (May 13, 2023) Donation

You will recall that you generously gave IDR25,200,000 to the Panti Asuhan Kristen Karena Doa Orphanage; on Tuesday May 30, a few of us visited the orphanage to make the donation and visit the children and staff D.O.G.S. and TeeSet were well represented through Rod & Dewi Williams, Andrew & Yulia Goode, Malcolm & Nishar Collis, Don & Erna Duttlinger, Minn Tun and Bill Lloyd.

Most of the children were there although a few were out at school but that didn't deter the tremendous welcome we all received - and a big Thanks to Matius from the staff for making us feel so welcome - and an even bigger thanks to the children for making it such a memorable day. Don & Erna Duttlinger provided Hoka Hoka Bento boxes for all the children and staff, Andrew & Yulia Goode brought along snacks for everyone and a whole load of toys donated by Leon, Vonny & Gabi Bivolaru. Bill Lloyd provided Asian Tigers goodie bags for the 24 children, each individually labeled.

The children gave us a singing welcome both in English and Bhasa which you can hear in the video's below. The photos also show the look of joy on the faces of these children as they received their goodies and food - absolutely fantastic and thanks to everyone. You can also see Momo the dog - our new mascot! This is an organisation which does not have any regular donors so our contribution is very significant and will enable these children to at least have some happiness in their lives - this is what the D.O.G.S and TeeSet strive to do in their charity donations.

Pak Matius giving his welcome speech.

Yulia Goode handing out the toys.

Dewi helping to handout the food boxes.

More goodies!

It was a great and a special thank you to Dewi Williams for introducing us to this very worthy cause.

So, back to the golf as now we head to the third round, sign up and don't forget to let Rod know your preferred playing partners. Please also make sure you have confirmed that your preferred playing partners are their preferred playing partners! Also note that signing up early helps a lot in getting things ready with the club - thanks.

  • Where: Rainbow Hills Golf Club

  • When: Saturday, June 3, 2023

  • Tee Off: 12:00

  • Green Fee: 860.000 IDR. Includes cart and caddie fee

To register:

See you all on the course.

Rod & jb


The Rules and what it means when we play.

Courtesy of fellow Dog, Jens Roestel, R&A First Grade Umpire.

A player with a visual impairment sets a club down to help with aiming. They take their stance and make a stroke without removing the club. What is the ruling?

A - There is no penalty.

B - The player gets one penalty stroke.

C - The player gets the general penalty.

Correct answer C

Explanation: For a player with a visual impairment, Rule 10.2b(3) is modified so that there is no penalty if the player, caddie or aide sets an object down to help with aiming or to help in taking a stance for the stroke to be made. But the object must be removed before the stroke is made.

As a player is about to replace their ball on the green, they accidentally drop the ball on their ball marker which causes the marker to move. What is the ruling?

A - There is no penalty and the ball or ball marker must be replaced on its

original spot.

B - The player gets two penalty strokes and the ball or ball marker must be

replaced on its original spot.

C - The player gets one penalty stroke and the ball or ball marker must be

replaced on its original spot.

Correct answer A

Explanation: There is no penalty if the player, opponent or another player in stroke play accidentally moves the player’s ball or ball-marker on the putting green.

When taking lateral relief for an unplayable ball, the two club-length relief area is measured from the nearest point of complete relief.

A - True

B – False

Correct answer B

Explanation: The relief area is measured from the spot of the ball.

A player may repair natural wear of the hole on the putting green before putting.

A - True

B – False

Correct answer B

Explanation: A player may repair damage on the putting green without penalty, however "damage on the putting green" does not include any damage or conditions that result from natural wear of the hole.



Fiona Unity Foundation

Charity barrel donations from our Rainbow Hills Tournament will go to the Fiona Unity Foundation. A non profit organization founded in 2014 to support the Poor and underprivileged on the island of Lombok.


If you would like to purchase a D.O.G.S. shirt please get in touch with John Brown or send an email to

WhatsApp Groups

We have 2 WhatsApp groups for members; our Chatter group which is used for sharing jokes and non-D.O.G.S. related information and our Updates group where we share information specific to D.O.G.S. rounds. If you would like to be added to either or both of these groups please send us an email with your cell phone number to

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