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D.O.G.S. Rules

  • D.O.G.S. play to USGA and local course rules.

  • D.O.G.S may introduce additional local rules for specific rounds if deemed warranted (i.e. preferred lies) which will be communicated prior to beginning of round.

  • To be eligible for Weekly Runner Up and Weekly Champion prizes a player must have an established D.O.G.S. handicap.

    • Information on obtaining D.O.G.S. handicap can be found here.

  • Players handicaps are calculated based on the USGA system (pre-2020).

    • Maximum handicap for gentlemen is 36 and ladies is 40.

  • Gentlemen play off the Blue Tees.

    • Gentlemen over 65 are welcome to play from the White Tees.

    • Same tees must be used for entire tournament.

  • Ladies play off Red Tees.

  • No mulligans.

  • Scorecards filled out by other person in group and in other cart where possible.

    • Scorecards signed by both player and scorer

  • Write down actual score.

    • While we don't put scores above 8 on the Eclectic scoreboard we still use gross scores for Lowest Gross and handicapping.

    • If you decide to pick up, put an X on scorecard.

  • Have fun!

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