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Competed for since 1991, the Jakarta Inter-league (JIL) is a golfing league where teams play each other throughout the season trying to gain enough points to finish at the top of the table.

Teams are made up of 8 players and in a typical match would consist of 2 singles and 3 Four Ball games playing in a matchplay format.

Scoring is 2 points for a win and 1 point for a draw. 

2021 was the inaugural year of the D.O.G.S. participation.

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D.O.G.S. 2022 Interleague Team

  • Captain Douglas McQuater

  • Colin Sifton

  • David Moore

  • Gary Danskin

  • Hitoshi Maruyama

  • John Brown

  • Ko Ko Nay Htut

  • Malcolm Collis,

  • Meher Noronha

  • Michael Mueller

  • Rey Moore

  • Rod Williams

  • Sarah Brown

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June 19, 2022


Weather conditions were good for golf, a bit hot to start but no rain.  The course was in better condition than last time, with most greens running a little slower due to overnight rain


There were many highlights in the matches, and quite a few turned in good personal performances.

  • Hitoshi had a good day at the office and declared nothing special to report, only a 6n5 win with 3xbirdies, the modesty of the low handicappers!

  • Dave had another solid game with the icing being the sinking of a 50 foot putt.

  • Sarah had an exceptional chip in birdie on the 1st hole to set the

      tone for her and Axel's match.

  • Rey held her nerve to hole out for par to win the hole and clinch

      the match on 16th hole.

  • Axel took the days Nearest to Pin prize.

D.O.G.S. - 8 Tin Cups - 2

  • Hitoshi beat Pancho 6 & 5

  • David M. beat Claudio 3 & 2

  • Axel/Sarah beat Robert/David 4 & 3

  • Doug/Rey beat Vishal/Zahren 3 & 2

  • Malcolm/Kevin lost Shaun/Mike 6 & 5

Thanks to John for standing by as 1st reserve

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Robson, Koko, Colin and Michael ready to go!

Robson, Koko, Colin and Michael ready to go!

In the second singles match, a reverse of the above with Douglas up against an in form Adrian who had the best round of his life including 3 x birdies also and running out a convincing winner.

In the doubles, great credit to Koko and Robson coming home with a draw (Koko keeping up his record of scoring points in every match so far, well done)! 

Tee Set 7-3 over D.O.G.S.

  • Axel over Shawn 4&3

  • Dougy lost to Adrian 5&4

  • John/Sarah lost to Mike/Jeff 2&1

  • Colin/Mike lost to JP/Patrick over 3&1

  • Robson/Koko vs Arnold/Nick A/S


Thanks to John and Sarah for standing in at the last minute 

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May 22, 2022


Weather conditions were good for golf, not too hot and no rain. 

Course had suffered a lot from recent rains leaving bare fairways in places.

In the matches themselves, highlight of the day was from stand in on the day, Axel, who produced one of his best rounds ever in the singles match, notching up 3 x birdies on his way to a convincing win over Shawn.

May 2022 Interleague Sarah.jpg

March 20, 2022


Day started off well with sun, later it clouded over and heavy shower stopped play for short time, however course conditions were good and not impacted by the rain.

Pondok Cabe 2022 R5 standee at JIL.JPG


All 5 matches went to the final hole, and D.O.G.S. and Sandbaggers were only separated by Dave Moore, shooting a solid 40 on the back 9, to pip Aidan to take that singles match 1 up.

Well done all, and thanks to Sandbaggers for making it a great match.

As to the Match with Sandbaggers; both teams were very well matched on paper and this was reflected on the course once the matches got underway.

D.O.G.S., however,  were obviously buoyed by surprise appearance of the puppy DOG, nephew of the Little DOG, who wished everyone well before Tee-Off:

Many highlights during the day, but the pick of the bunch went to Rey Moore who scored an Eagle on the par4, 8th hole, well done!

This was closely followed by Michael Mueller getting a birdie on hole 7, the most difficult index hole on the course, unfortunately for the DOGS, both his opponents, Diarmuid and Fernando also got birdies to square the hole, nevertheless a great effort for a high handicapper.

JIL March 2022 Robson Rey.jpeg

Other highlights included:

  • Simon chipping in for a birdie on the second last hole to go 1 up, only to be pegged back by Kees who also chipped in for a birdie on the last hole to square the match, that was as close as it gets!

  • Colin shooting 2 x birdies.

  • Dougy drilling a 35 foot putt, on the 6th hole, to within 6 inches to take the hole.

February 21, 2022

Day started off well , bit of sun and coffee and friendly banter between D.O.G.S. and JAWS in the clubhouse at the start, then off to the tee box.
Tough match to come, in worsening weather conditions, but D.O.G.S. still had plenty of highlights including Koko’s introduction to matchplay with a win on his first outing, pairing up with stalwart Malcolm to see out a good win 3 and 2 in their pairs match.


David also had a good day, coming off a shaky start to string together a good run with 2 x birdies and take his singles opponent, Simon, to the last hole being 1 up.  Unfortunately for D.O.G.S., Simon birdied the last hole to salvage a half, nevertheless a really good result for David against a very low handicapper.

In the other singles match, late entrant Dougy also had a slow start and did well to par the second last hole to level up the match going down the last fairway, but was unable to beat Randy’s great par on the last hole, thus losing the match by 1.
In other doubles matches John and Sarah lost 4 and 3, Rey and Michael lost 8 and 6 against very strong JAWS pairings.
Final result DOGS 3 JAWS 7

2021 Final Standings

JIL Round 4 Standings.png

The D.O.G.S. 2021 team is led by Captain Gary Danskin and his Vice-Captain James Bristow.  The rest of the team consists of Jeremy Oberoi, Tim Knight, Steven Xie, S Robbie, David Moore, Rey Moore, Cucu Chandra, Malcolm Collis, Hitoshi Maruyama, Tribhuvan Singh, Kevin Dobson, Michael Mueller and Tom Grace.

The team has high hopes for their 2021 campaign and we are certain they won't be disappointed.

A big thank you to our team sponsor who have helped the team travel the fairways in style and hopefully fly high in the table.

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August 29, 2021

Due to the current restrictions on golf courses Interleague is unable to schedule events.  As a result the decision was made to draw a line under the 2021 JIL season and call it void


If circumstances permit they will look to arrange a fun team style event, the scramble or another format to be determined, in either October or November.


Congratulations to our D.O.G.S. team who was tied for first when the season was called.  We look forward to seeing your continued success next year.


June 14, 2021

The D.O.G.S. faced stiff competition but managed to get 5 points on the day.  This Leaves the D.O.G.S. with 27 points and joint leaders with JAWS but the D.O.G.S. have played 1 game less so are in strong position as a team with 3 rounds to go.


Selly Robbie 1 up against Roger Finnie (Pocksia) win
Gary Danskin vs Wayne
(Pocksia) 4 & 3 loss
Tim Knight and David Moore vs Cloggies 3 & 2 win
Hitoshi Maruyama and Michael Mueller vs Tee Set 2 & 1 loss
Tribhuvan (TPS) Singh and Jeremy Oberoi vs Pocksia halved

                       Captain Gary has this message for the team:

"As a captain i would like to thank you all for your efforts yesterday as a team and even when things out of our control we conducted ourselves correct . So thank you all again.


Stay positive and push on and let's go D.O.G.S.!"

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May 23, 2021

It was time for the D.O.G.S. team to take the stage as the team everyone is chasing down after a 2 month break.

This was a very difficult round as we had 2 singles matches and a 4 ball  against the closest team in the standings.  We were at the top of the table before this round by 4 points ahead of JAWS with 1 game played less.

Captain Gary set the team out at riverside putting himself and Tim Knight in the singles against JAWS . Tim won but Captain lost in 2 very close fought matches.

In the other match against JAWS Kevin Dobson and Michael Mueller managed to halve.

Unfortunately Cucu and Jeremy who lost a close match.

Anchoring the team, TPS and Malcolm finished with a win.

Overall, 5 out of 10 was a good result for the day keeping us on top of the league at the halfway point of the season with played 1 game less than JAWS.

With the next match so close around the corner captain Gary will be watching everyone's results with close eyes as the team is gelling together very nicely.

Finally, even though Captain Gary may be a little biased, he says the D.O.G.S. are the best dressed team out there in their team shirt . Thank you to everyone that is involved to help the D.O.G.S. team.


Gary Danskin 3 & 2 loss

Tim Knight 4 & 3 win

Kevin Dobson & Michael Mueller halved

Cucu Chandra & Jeremy Oberoi 2 & 1 loss

Tribhuvan Singh & Malcolm Collis 2 & 1 win


March 14, 2021

Sunday was Interleague and the D.O.G.S. team was back in action.  Once again they had a great showing with Captain Gary Danskin skippering them to 4 wins and 8 out of 8 points for the day!


Tim Knight and Michael Mueller 6 and 4 win 
James Bristow and Rey Moore 3 and 2 win 
Gary Danskin and Kevin Dobson 3 and 2 win 
Hitoshi Maruyama and Cucu Chandra 1up win

                       Captain Gary had this to say about the performance:

"Well what can I say, so proud of the whole team today . 4 x 4 balls today. We had 4 wins.


Super proud Captain"

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February 21, 2021

The Jakarta Inter-league (JIL) has been around for 30 years.  For the first time ever the D.O.G.S. have entered a team in the competition.

In December of 2020 we began gauging interest and quickly found out that there were many Dogs up for some match play competition.  The team was formed and we anxiously awaited results of the League's Captains vote to find out if we were in.  Sure enough, in January we found out we would be competing in 2021.   With all the excitement of the build up over,  Sunday, February 21st was time for the D.O.G.S. to make their Inter-league debut.  Perhaps as an omen, clear skies were the order for most of the day.

Captain Gary Danskin had Selly Robbie and Hitoshi Maruyama doing battle in the singles and teams Gary Danskin & Rey Moore, David Moore & Michael Mueller, James Bristow & Tribhuvan Singh (TPS) playing in Four Balls.

Maybe we are a bit biased but they certainly look like the best dressed team!

With a possible 10 points up for grabs the D.O.G.S. took 9, making Captain Gary very happy.  

With the first round of JIL completed the D.O.G.S. are sitting 1st out of 7 teams . Not a bad start; just need to keep the focus and high standard up now. 

Selly Robbie 2up winner 
Hitoshi 3 & 1 winner 
David & Michael 3 & 2 winner 
James & TPS 2 up winner 
Gary & Rey all square