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Over the years the D.O.G.S. are proud to have supported local charities.  This was usually done as part of a competition with another society where we would donate all game fees to charity.

During tournaments we take donations in our charity barrel after each round and at the end of the tournament it is donated to a charity that has a connection to the D.O.G.S.

We are proud to report that the D.O.G.S. have donated over 250,000,000 IDR to various charities over the years.

Below is a history of some of our donations.

Fiona Unity Foundation.png

Funds collected from Rainbow Hills 2023 Tournament will donated to:

The Fiona Unity Foundation  a non profit organisation founded in 2014 to support the Lombok Forgotten Children, Endri’s Foundation on Lombok.

Our mission is to build a centre in Mataram for the underprivileged  and disabled. This desperately needed centre will be the first of it kind on the island of Lombok and will support the ‘Forgotten People’ with free healthcare, connecting them to Doctors, Surgeries and Specialist. We will also have a disable clinic and rehabilitation centre within this centre complete with a clinic where prosthetics will be measured and fitted free of charge. 

We will also supply free accommodation and support to families while patients are receiving treatment.

Tanyas Ministry1.jpeg

8,668,000 IDR

Collected from Rancamaya 2023 Tournament for:


Tanya's Ministry


Tanya’s Ministry exists to glorify God by serving people.  It’s a personal ministry in which I work with partners to provide clothing, fellowship, food and the gospel to people in need. Some of my partners include:


  • Yayasan Gerak Bareng Indonesia - Non Profit Organization - Humanitarian Social Organization.

  • Yayasan Rumah Gembira Indonesia - Vision - to build superior people who are ready to face the future.  Mission - to help discover the potential that exists in every person so that they can be independent and self-reliant (empowerment for children).