D.O.G.S. Final Weekend at Rancamaya Golf Club

Updated: Apr 27

Hail the D.O.G.S.!!!!!,

Well, what a fun filled festival of golf we have just had over the 3 days. In

total we played 130 rounds of golf in between all the fun, food and drink;

it doesn't get much better than that!

Overall the weather was kind with only

a few interludes due to the odd shower with all three days golf starting on

time with reasonably steady play throughout. That's a big thank you to


Big thanks to our sponsors over the weekend - without then we wouldn't be

able to do what we do. Dan Javier and Anker Beer, Kojo, JAWS for the Whisky Tasting, Meadow & Bone,

Jeremy Oberoi & Holger Molendyk for "The Match" as well, of course, for our

Signature Sponsor, Connect Energy, Gold Sponsor, Door to Indonesia and Islands of Imagination for providing prizes for the Eclectic.

Our charities for the weekend were the Fiona Unity Foundation for the Saturday

Scramble and ASTI for the D.O.G.S. Eclectic Series, including the D.O.G.S. vs

Tee Set match on Sunday.

Before we get into the golf, a big thanks also to Roger Finnie, Jim

Korbilas, Captain Dougy McQuater, Captain Tom Grace, JB, Sarah Brown, Rod Williams and Kevin Dobson for all the work they did in all sorts of capacities to hopefully make

the weekend go smoothly.

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So, let's start with the JAWS game on Friday. Whatever happened in the golf

was completely overshadowed by the events during and after the whisky

tasting. Our usually quiet and unassuming Gaurav Shirke was making a strong point, doesn't even matter on what subject, as he slammed a whisky bottle accidently down on his mobile phone smashing it. Now, you might say, more fool him, but the phone had the name of the hotel he was planning to stay in that night in its memory. Clearly he thought, "well I don't need to remember the name of the place and the fact that I had already pre-paid coz my phone will remember." Well, the phone was not able to recall the hotel. "No worries", says the ever accommodating Simon Reynolds, "I'm staying at the R Hotel here at Rancamaya, you're most welcome to sleep with me my dear old friend." Well, how could Gaurav turn down such an offer? However, at breakfast the next morning Gaurav saw the funny side, but not a squeak out of Simon, enough said!!!

Whilst on the subject of hotels, Jeremy Oberoi, had inadvertently booked and paid for the wrong dates at the R Hotel. When he realised the mistake he obviously rebooked the right dates but, alas, the hotel wouldn't give him a rebate (frankly, totally unreasonable) so he ended up with a rather expensive stay having to pay double, there's a moral there Jeremy!!

Anyway, back to the golf!

So Saturday was our Charity Day for the Fiona Foundation where all match fees, raffle ticket money and any other donations, including JAWS Friday game fees and proceeds from Friday evening, went to the worthy cause. You raised Rp.25,000,000 - a great result and a big thanks to everyone. The golf was a 2 Ball Scramble and where the team handicap is calculated by taking 35% of the low handicap + 15% of the High handicap in each team - just so you know!

Gaurav Shirke and Chris Lever took the honours on best net score with Simon

Reynolds and Bobby Cangkrama taking the best gross - Gaurav and Simon

winning the prizes...ummmm I hear you say!!!

The full Scramble results are given below.

Also on Saturday was the much anticipated "Match" between Rod Williams and

Indar Dhaliwal. Indar's main sponsor was Jeremy Oberoi and Rod's was Holger

Molendyk who, unfortunately, couldn't make it but happily, Okkie Nikijuluw came to the rescue and stepped in. Some of the Match was live streamed on the D.O.G.S. Facebook page but the match was over and done with after only 10 holes with Rod taking the honours winning 8 & 7! A true thrashing! Maybe the shots of Bali Port Rod had to drink every time he won a hole made him relax, or maybe it was because his wife, Dewi, drove around the course with him to give support. A big thanks to Rod's nephew, Ichi, for the photos and videos. Better luck next time Indar!

After all that excitement we all needed a quiet relaxing evening BBQ. Thanks to Roger Finnie for organising with some modest light refreshment to get us ready for the next big day on the Sunday. A great and most enjoyable evening was had by all – and good to see the ladies out in force!

So, Sunday saw the final round of this shortened Eclectic Series with the Big Dog and Blue Jackets on parade as well as the annual D.O.G.S. vs Tee Set matchplay for the Juergen Degert Trophy.

Firstly the matchplay – congratulations again to the D.O.G.S.', Captain Dougy’s Team who triumphed over Tee Set’s Captain Tom’s Team winning 6½ to 4½. The full results of the 11 matches are given below:

And now we come to the D.O.G.S. final round of the Eclectic Series at Rancamaya. All the prizes were open to all 56 players on the day with Hanny Nakai and Dave Prosser taking the Nearest to the Pin prizes, Viboon Seeshaan and Simon Oxley the Longest Drive honours and Richard Berg and George Baptiste taking the Drive & Pitch prizes. Dan Javier, no doubt after a few Anker beers, putted well becoming this week’s Putting Champion. Viboon Seeshaan was this week's Booby Prize winner and Sandra Novita showed us she enjoyed the walk, slightly longer than the rest of us, taking the Most Exercise honour.

Simon Reynolds took the short way around being this week’s Lowest Gross winner and Dougy McQuater showed that Captain duties didn’t didn’t cause him to take his eye off the ball becoming this week’s Runner Up.

Recently returned Rosie Tjaden showed us all how it’s done taking the Little Dog and being this week’s Weekly Champion, congratulations and good to see your handicap coming down again!

Congrats to all this week winners.

And so down to the Big Dog and Blue Jacket. Well with one of the closest contests we’ve ever had and very unusually no ladies in the Top Ten (what happened girls!) Jude Alexander held on to his lead to win the Big Dog and don the Blue Jacket, well done Jude (Note: no “Hey Jude” reference here!) and Richard Mau taking the Lowest Gross Average over three of the four rounds.

The Top Ten results are shown below.

The full standings can be seen through the links on our Leaderboard page or in the mygolf2u app.