D.O.G.S. Final Weekend at Rancamaya Golf Club

Updated: Apr 27

Hail the D.O.G.S.!!!!!,

Well, what a fun filled festival of golf we have just had over the 3 days. In

total we played 130 rounds of golf in between all the fun, food and drink;

it doesn't get much better than that!

Overall the weather was kind with only

a few interludes due to the odd shower with all three days golf starting on

time with reasonably steady play throughout. That's a big thank you to


Big thanks to our sponsors over the weekend - without then we wouldn't be

able to do what we do. Dan Javier and Anker Beer, Kojo, JAWS for the Whisky Tasting, Meadow & Bone,

Jeremy Oberoi & Holger Molendyk for "The Match" as well, of course, for our

Signature Sponsor, Connect Energy, Gold Sponsor, Door to Indonesia and Islands of Imagination for providing prizes for the Eclectic.

Our charities for the weekend were the Fiona Unity Foundation for the Saturday

Scramble and ASTI for the D.O.G.S. Eclectic Series, including the D.O.G.S. vs

Tee Set match on Sunday.

Before we get into the golf, a big thanks also to Roger Finnie, Jim

Korbilas, Captain Dougy McQuater, Captain Tom Grace, JB, Sarah Brown, Rod Williams and Kevin Dobson for all the work they did in all sorts of capacities to hopefully make

the weekend go smoothly.

For those looking to stock up on slightly used golf balls you need go no further than Tokopedia for the best quality second hand balls. Here is just one of the balls received from them recently!

So, let's start with the JAWS game on Friday. Whatever happened in the golf

was completely overshadowed by the events during and after the whisky

tasting. Our usually quiet and unassuming Gaurav Shirke was making a strong point, doesn't even matter on what subject, as he slammed a whisky bottle accidently down on his mobile phone smashing it. Now, you might say, more fool him, but the phone had the name of the hotel he was planning to stay in that night in its memory. Clearly he thought, "well I don't need to remember the name of the place and the fact that I had already pre-paid coz my phone will remember." Well, the phone was not able to recall the hotel. "No worries", says the ever accommodating Simon Reynolds, "I'm staying at the R Hotel here at Rancamaya, you're most welcome to sleep with me my dear old friend." Well, how could Gaurav turn down such an offer? However, at breakfast the next morning Gaurav saw the funny side, but not a squeak out of Simon, enough said!!!

Whilst on the subject of hotels, Jeremy Oberoi, had inadvertently booked and paid for the wrong dates at the R Hotel. When he realised the mistake he obviously rebooked the right dates but, alas, the hotel wouldn't give him a rebate (frankly, totally unreasonable) so he ended up with a rather expensive stay having to pay double, there's a moral there Jeremy!!