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4th round & DOGS Night

Hail the DOGS!!!!

For Saturday 19th the round will still be as previously planned 11.52am as SEDANA GOLF and C C are not able to oblige us with a better option other than to cancel!? I can't be there but either CARL TAYLOR or MARK JOHNSTON will be there to ensure continuity.

If you intend to play and have not already informed me, can you kindly do so by 17.00 Thursday 17th Nov so preparations can be made and to inform the course of numbers.

The Penultimate & Final rounds will be at 11.17am on Sunday 27th Nov and Saturday 3rd Dec. This stands unless the course informs me different.

NEXT DOGS NIGHT!!!  Photos attached!!

After a successful Inaugural Dogs night, we plan to hold the 2nd event on Thursday 8th December details to follow. If you'd like to contribute by Sponsoring Prizes for the next DOGS NIGHT please contact me, either email or call me on 08128 490993

BIG THANK YOU to Bill Lloyd of ASIAN TIGERS & Peter Reichlmeier of SEASCAPE who kindly stepped up to the mark on the night and kindly contributed prizes for the evening along with JASPER BOUMAN who sponsored and aided in organizing the evening (great job).

This will also mark the end of the year for the DOGS competitions, before people shoot home for Christmas and New Year holidays. I hope you can all show up in force, as you did for the first night. Again, kindly let me know if you intend to be there so we can help Jasper arrange numbers for the food again.



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