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Penultimate results

Hail the DOGS n Bi+ches!!

The course allowed us to tee off early on another hot day with a quick down poor to cool of Laurence Shepherd who is heading into the final round with a top 10 placing for his first time!! Not sure if his caddy will have recovered in time for the next round, apparently caddies don't bounce like they used to!!!

Laurie O'Connor still holding both Top DOG positions. Looking at his results and handicap advantage it is going to be hard for anyone other than John Brown, Mark Johnson, Remon Moerman or Jari Antikainen to catch Laurie now!! But it's never over until the Fat DOG sings!!

Craig Bink's strayed away from the Tee Set to take lowest putts 26

Phil Morey after explaining how close he was to the nearest the pin skill prize, ended up taking both Most Exercise and Bobby Prize with a respectable 117 off the stick and 20 points.

Mark Johnson back on his normal roll with lowest gross 81 

Weekly Champion for the Chinese New Year went to Kevin Dobson with 38 points.

Our 6th and FINAL round of this Eclectic Championship at PADANG GOLF MODERN will be:

Saturday 13th February

Tee off 12.30 kindly show up early as we may get away early again.

Fee 700k nett (Cheapest Saturday round in town)

If you intend to join us for this Final round please confirm before 12.00 midday Friday 12th.



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