D.O.G.S. 2nd round at Padang Golf Matoa Nasional

Hail the DOGS n Bitches!!!

The first round of the DOGS inaugural Eclectic Championship at Padang Golf Matoa Nasional went extremely well with 43 cards handed in. Thanks to you all for the great support!!

The new buggies being able to drive up to the ball on the fairways which were in good shape and with excellent greens made for a great day.

The Caddies were on the ball or should that be the ball was on the caddy!? JB decided to take out one of the girls... Even though she needed stitches, she didn't cry and apologized for getting in the way of his shot into the green, classic!!

If you have any pointers that may make for a better day, please send them in and I'll approach the course management.

The only man to have a male caddy was our Weekly Champion Ian Smith (Gibraltor) with 41 points.

One of our new members Gillian Arnold made a wrong turn on her way to 'Jagorawi' and ended up the with the real Mad DOGS group instead of the group from Mad DOGS!! Always good to have new players join, make sure you come back again Gillian and enjoy The Way We Golf....

No mention for the best gross, as it was gross! 85 off the stick and was on count back to many!!! Let's see how round 2 goes after that 1st practice round!!!

Please see Results of the round and the handicap formula.

2nd Round at Padang Golf Matoa Nasional:

Date: 'SATURDAY' 27th September

Tee time: 11am but please come as EARLY as you can (even 10am) as there is another group booked for the afternoon and the course are giving DOGS preference.

Fee: 600k nett with 10% off beers including pitchers!!!

If you intend to join please confirm BEFORE 12.00 Midday Friday 26th September



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