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D.O.G.S. 2nd Round at Rainbow Hills

Hail the D.O.G.S.

Great start to our 3rd tournament of the year with 33 scorecards handed in for our 1st round at Rainbow Hills, including one which we can't recognize signed as per attachment.  Please let us know if it you know who it belongs to.

Rainbow Hills was in fantastic condition for our 1st outing if the tournament.  Especially the Singapore daisy which ended up having more DOGS balls than a pound.  Play was off early and moved at a good pace for most groups.

As usual for our 1st round of the new course, modest scoring was the order of the day with only 1/3 of the field cracking a hundred.  Marco Hernaiz Mayo was able to give his new Little Dog a home after scoring the only better than par Stableford with 37 points.  Laurie O'Connor won the competition for rock ricochets on the day, proving that everything that goes up will come down usually very fast and hard; anybody in Laurie's group next week should wear a hardhat.

Please join us for our next round at Rainbow Hills:

SUNDAY 17th April TEE OFF 12.00 or as soon as the course allows

FEE 748.000 Nett Remaining Schedule:

Round 3, 23rd April 2016 Round 4, 01st May 2016
Round 5, 07th May 2016
Round 6, 14th May 2016

For those of you who have not already replied please confirm intention to play before 12.00 Midday Friday 15th April.



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