D.O.G.S. First Round Jababeka Golf & Country Club

Hail the D.O.G.S.! Our final round at Golf Bandar Kemayoran was a very wet affair with only 2 players managing to complete the round.  The rain allowed the leaders from the Penultimate round to hold on to their tenuous leads despite the fact that they were not playing. Congratulations to our champions Jesse Shaw, Eclectic and Mark Johnson, Lowest Gross. Attached are the final results. Our next tournament will be at Jababeka Golf & Country Club.  A great course which we have not played in quite some time.  Thanks to Mark Howells for negotiating a favorable rate for us.  Thank you to everyone who turns in their cards before going to the shower to help speed up the scoring. Please join us for our first round of 2013 at: Jababeka Golf & Country Club on Sunday, January 6, 2013. Tee time: 12:11 pm Price is Rp 600,000 per person inclusive of Green fee, Cart fee, Service fee, & Insurance. If you intend to play please send in your name by noon Friday. Regards, jb