Final Round at Padang Golf Modern

Hail the DOGS n Bitches!!!

NOTE: 'NO DOGS competition' this coming weekend!!! Another great contribution for the DOGS n HOGS day, well done for those who showed up 42 cards in. The pot is filling nicely towards beating the HOGS 99 operations last year for children of the Gentur Cleft Foundation. Big pat on the back to you all for helping achieve this by playing on the day!! 

We managed over 40 players every weekend so its clear that Padang Golf Modern gets the thumbs up from DOGS!!

very big thanks to Kevin DobsonAd Van der Linden, Tony Rousell and Mike Gavin for compiling the scores and collecting fines at the end of the round. JB claims it was all calculated very quickly and without any fuss from the committee arguing or lecturing ladies on their handicaps....!!

Congratulations to this weeks Winners and best Losers.... One of the HOGS took Weekly Champion Edwin Thieroff who can now kiss his handicap goodbye... 43 pts great round. At the other end of the scale with a great improvement even doubling his previous points and also lowering his gross Glen O'Leary 15 pts and 134 off the stick keep at it and you'll have Jasper back in the seat shortly!!

We have a New BIG DOG and BLUE JACKET Winner, this is a first for the Spanish DOGS!!! CHEFO (Jose Durban) Well done and well won by leading from the 2nd week onwards!!

We also have a new lowest best 4 gross winner Bruce Hector well done with an average of 80.5 off the stick from only 4 appearances.

Thank you all for you your support to the DOGS and standby for the next venue and 3rd DOGS ECLECTIC CHAMPIONSHIP of 2014.It is likely to be Imperial Lippo Karawaci although we do have 3 other options and I'm just waiting to confirm the prices after haggling them down...



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