Third Round at Palm Hill

Hail the DOGS n Bitches!!!

Thank you to Kevin Dobson for running the show and composing this weeks write up while I'm away.

Don't forget to let us know if you are planning to join the 4th round at Palm Hills next Sunday 23rd Tee off 12.00 or asap Fee 650.000 nett.

Palm Hill redeemed itself this week with every group away before 12, and even though there was some early traffic, everyone back in and harassing the bar staff by 4:30pm.

Even the traffic on the toll home wasn’t so bad for those who were still conscious!

34 cards handed in and still after more than  120 goes at it not a single score over 35 points, and with most exercise at 115, its not like the course is kicking our arses!  Must be something to do with the caddies!

Germany sought domination the week with Franz and Jochen splitting little dog and runner up on count-back congrats to Jochen Overberg. 

NTP on 8 went unclaimed again this week that’s only one out of 3 weeks its been hit after about 120 shots at it!

Debbie Minnicola took most exercise but cruel for a 115 off the stick. 

Mark J again picking up lowest putts (26) and lowest Gross (84) – there has to be a message in there somewhere!


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