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1st Round DOGS

Hail the DOGS!!!

That's the first round of the year out of the way.... The rain made very little difference (not to my bad game anyway!). The course held up well considering how much rain we've had this week!!! Easily the most difficult course of our selected 20 DOGS courses. Only three players improved their handicaps!!! 

WELCOME to the DOGS, the many new members who showed this week and also nice to see so many 'Bitches' showing up, even if some forgot their shoes..... (any excuse to go shopping I guess). Don't forget BILL COUTTS & MARK HOWLES have sponsored the Bitches Trophy, so keep showing up to be the first Bitch to win a Djakarta Old Golf Society eclectic championship!!!

Those of you who have just started playing golf, don't listen to anyone who says it gets easier...... however, it may seem easier at the other courses we play this year!!!!

Great to start the year with a large turnout of 61 players from the 72 booked. Please note: If you can't show up for what ever reason, even if it's just that you are a fair weather player.... (you know who you are) just sms me 08128 490993 so I may inform the course of the reduced numbers.

BIG THANK YOU to JOHN DE KLEUVER from JUST GOLF who has kindly sponsored the DOGS with a cash voucher for his Golf shops (door prize that will be given every at every new course) OB rules apply!!

2nd Round at RIVERSIDE will be:

Date: SATURDAY 14th Jan

Tee time: 12.00

Fee: Rp 615.000 nett

If you intend to play, kindly let me know by 10am Friday 13th so I can inform the course of numbers and prepare your score sheets before pressure hour at Eastern Promise!!!!!

'Planned' schedule for next rounds at Riverside:

Round 3 - Sat 21st Jan Round 4 - Sat 28th Jan  Round 5 - Sun 5th Feb  Round 6 - Sun 12th Feb

and..... finally, Congratulations to our Winners this week, please find attached results and formula.



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