2nd Round Padang Golf Modern

Hail the DOGS and Bitches!!

Thanks for another good turn out and added thanks to Kevin Glenton for putting the results together quickly each week.

Even after the 24 hour boozathon at EP we still managed 43 players. BIG LES (Bigles Preston) managed another outstanding drinking performance lasting til 5.30am before heading to DOGS!!!! He claims it helps his vision when flying Tornados & Hawks.....you really are so........ special Paul!!

We were graced with the presents of the DOGS 'El Presedente' FRITZ HAINZL great day for him. However, his partner Winny shot more pars than him which P*****d on his fire, don't leave it so long to return next time Fritz and showing off in front of the ladies is not needed by playing off the Blues instead of taking advantage of the DOGS ruling for over 60's with p**s stained shorts being permitted to tee off from the Whites!!!!. Big thanks to the other Austrian Dogs for releasing Fritz for the weekend!

Speaking of Austrians has anyone seen Willy Goldschmidt ?? Another founding member of DOGS, come on my friend shake a leg and get out with the DOGS. Again if he is in the room next to Fritz in the basement please let Willy out with Fritz next round.

Top comment of the week, I mentioned that Ted Wielgos' son Alex played well and won the longest drive this week, he's been playing since he was a young boy, Response from the Dogs "he hasn't grown much" I replied that's his Dad Ted (vertically challenged) that they were looking at not Alex lol!!!!! sorry Ted had to be said.....

HOGS, Metallica have left the building so get your sorry asses out next week with the DOGS!!! Frank Musgrove, don't worry we made sure your caddy didn't miss you LOL!!!

Congratulations to this weeks winners, Mark Dirty Johnson is still hanging on to top dog but Greg Fields took all the glory and gold this week!

Course is in excellent condition and the weather has been outstanding both weeks, So drag yourself away from the TV next week and join the DOGS... Don't be shy, WE AREN'T!!!!!

D.O.G.S. discount cards for Tapas Movida are in. Please see JB when he returns to pick up your card and take advantage of their generous 20% off offer to D.O.G.S. members.

Our next round will be at PADANG GOLF MODERN

Play will begin on Sunday, September 1st, 2013.

Tee time: 11:00 am

Price is Rp 600,000 nett per person.

*Note cans of beer are at a special price of 40.000 nett to DOGS

If you intend to play please send in your name by Noon Friday September 29th.



Remaining schedule:

Sunday, September 8

Sunday, September 15

Sunday, September 22

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Hail the DOGS and Bitches!! Thanks to Kevin Glenton for preparing the results so quickly again. Not so many players this week considering no rain last week and the course being in excellent condition,

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