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4th Round at Senayan

Hail the DOGS and Bitches!!!

Another great turn out of 57 with the rain holding off again too!! Let's hope it will stay the same for the last 2 rounds. Speaking of which, there is still time for someone to take the top DOG slot away from Fernando, he's been there almost from the start of this eclectic and it's rare that by the end of the 4th round that the Top Ten are seperated by 6 strokes!? It could all change the way people are firing Birdies in on this course.

No special happenings this round, although as Kevin mentioned if you do not fill your score sheet in correctly, he would not add your scores. I will get a copy tomorrow of who's sheets were not filled in correctly. It is CLEARLY MARKED on the sheet what to enter in each box.... If you are struggling to understand the sheets, then please tug on JB's shirt as he loves being pestered at the course

Bitches have lowered their turn out numbers!? Come on Penny get the girls in line and bring a couple of flights!!

Congratulations to this weeks Winners and best losers Darren Kelso thought he was a winner for a short few moments and then had to hand the Weekly Champion's Trophy over to Werner Muchitsch with 41 pts and Kenneth Serota pushed Darren completely out of the prizes by taking runner up this week.

The course is holding up nicely considering the amount of rain we've had lately, so get yourself down for another cheap round in the city, we were all done by 5pm this week!!!

If anyone has any influence at Royal Jakarta Golf course then please let me know so we can approach them for the next Eclectic competition, this will be a first for the DOGS.


Date: Saturday 8th February

Time: 11.00 (or earlier if allowed again).

Fee: Sundays rate Rp 500.000 – Saturday will be Rp 600.000

NOTE: This does not include buggy fee, there are limited buggies available on this walking course and will be charged at a fee of Rp 400.000 per buggy, if you wish to hire a buggy get there early.... This is a short course Par 69!!

On a better note.... Bintang cans on the course drinks stop, from the drinks buggy and clubhouse are at a special DOGS rate of Rp 30.000++ (most dogs will get their buggy fee back in beer savings...LOL!!!)

Those who intend to play please reply before 12.00 midday Friday 6th February as we need to inform the course of numbers.



Planned Final round:

· Sunday 16th February

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