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Round 3 at Senayan

Hail the DOGS, HOGS n Bitches!!!

Well done everyone for a great turn out of 68 names on the pairing board, Kevin noted that only 62 sheets were handed in, which for your scores we are not so interested but it also means you did not pay your fines!?

Paulo's Group you know you owe 400.000 so that leaves another 2 players to pay up and if you still wish to enter your score sheets you may do so next Sunday!!!

DOGS n HOGS achieved 6.3jt that will go to the Cleft foundation, HOGS sponsored 99 operations in 2013 and hope to do more this year, with our help let's hope we can make the difference to do just that. Well done to you guys and thanks to all the DOGS who showed up this week to support the day.

El Presidente Fritz was there again and Steve & Barbara Knipe were there to feather the nest ready for their return to Jakarta very soon. Penny Wen our Sexy Golden Sponsor also brought a flight of ladies in colourful outfits!! Keep the numbers up girls and we'll start the Bitches Trophy again.

Another note from Kevin: please instruct people to enter their gross score in the score row and NOT 1 or 2 or 0 or -1 indicating how many shots over or under par they are. Compiling the scores is a enough of a time consuming activity WITHOUT having to do mathematical sums on every hole on the card.

Quite right too, Kevin does a great job of compiling the scores so kindly follow the DOGS format or Kevin assures me your score cards won't be excepted....

You'll be pleased to know that the course returned half the value of which was stolen from Laurie's locker after it was broken into last week. Apparently the course does not hold any insurance so please be careful with your valuables at this course.

Maybe the local golf manager should pay more attention to the locker room and what his staff are actually doing there.... instead of scolding players on the course for playing outside their rules... wrong group of 6 to pick on this week LOL!! Feel free to pass comment to him for his sterling job as a true W****r.....

The day ran smoothly with the large numbers other than these few hiccups and Frank Musgrove's inability to send details of the HOGS prior to the day, to ensure they had their score cards prepared. Never mind Frank your Caddy loves you, even if she does think you look 70 best line of the day!!!

Congratulations to this weeks winners and best losers, see attached results. Well done Shane Rawles with 44 pts taking the Weekly Champion and prepare for your handicap to be slashed!!!!

Hoping for a 3rd dry round next Sunday!!


Date: Sunday 2nd February

Time: 11.00 (or earlier if allowed again).

Fee: Sundays rate Rp 500.000 – Saturdays will be Rp 600.000

NOTE: This does not include buggy fee, there are limited buggies available on this walking course and will be charged at a fee of Rp 400.000 per buggy, if you wish to hire a buggy get there early.... This is a short course Par 69!!

On a better note.... Bintang cans on the course drinks stop, from the drinks buggy and clubhouse are at a special DOGS rate of Rp 30.000++ (most dogs will get their buggy fee back in beer savings...LOL!!!)

Those who intend to play please reply before 12.00 midday Friday 31st January as we need to inform the course of numbers.



Planned next rounds:

· · Saturday 8th February

· · Sunday 16th February

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