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Round 3 results

DOGS n Bitches!!

40 cards handed in, 1 with no name on it? if you shot 97 with 30 points and your fines were 94k could you kindly let me know so I can enter your score.

We say farewell to Mark and Dee Howells as they head back to Oz!! Mark organised great rates for the DOGS on many occasions so a Big Thank you for that!!

Mark's ambition was to win the Big DOG just once during his time with the DOGS and it 'remains' his 'ambition' LOL! (you'll have to come back and visit to try again).

Saving grace for the family, Dee did make it to be one of our Ladies Champions. Never let him live that down Dee!!!

Speaking of Champions this week's lowest gross 80 off the stick and Weekly Champion with 41 Points Frank Musgrove. (not having his regular caddy to tease paid off!!).

I'm away this week so to Help John Brown and Kevin Dobson organise this weeks round and scorecards, kindly let us know by 12.00 midday Friday 30th If you intend to join next SUNDAY 1st February at Padang Golf Modern,



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