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D.O.G.S. Final Round at Matoa Nasional Golf Course

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Hail the D.O.G.S.!!!!!,

30 players turned up for our final round of the Matoa Eclectic Tournament and D.O.G.S. last round of 2019. Along with the usual electricity in the air that comes when the Big Dog is at the course everyone was geared up for the party immediately following the round. Play got underway at the scheduled tee time. With the exception of some light rain the weather was not much of a factor and players were able to enjoy a comfortable temperature for play.

In the daily competition we had 3 multiple winners with Juju Juhaeriah taking a Longest Drive and Drive & Pitch. Roger Finnie displayed his golfing prowess shooting the Lowest Gross with a 75 but his 41 Stableford points were only good enough for Runner Up. Craig Edwards came out to play starting the day in 6th place he had visions of climbing into the top spot. While pursuing his goal he managed to win Putting Champion with 23 putts(!), Deemples Lowest Net (68) and Weekly Champion with 42 points.

Rosie is super excited to hand Craig his Little Dog
Stuart Wigley back to back double Champion

Despite Craig's heroic efforts he was only able to move into 3rd place. Matthias Coessens was absent which allowed Stuart Wigley to coast in the final round and easily become back to back winner for both Eclectic Champion and Lowest Gross Champion. Congratulations Stuart!

Aurelie Neufkens picking up Runner Up prizes for Matthias Coessens

During the ceremonies James Bristow and Douglas McQuater took over the stage to present a very surprised committee some gifts on behalf of all the D.O.G.S.; a lovely bottle of perfume for Sarah Brown, a delicious bottle of whisky each for Kevin Dobson and John Brown and a massive amount of beer, which was used as a step stool, for Craig Edwards. We are humbled and very grateful for this thoughtful gesture! Due to unfortunate circumstances Kevin was unable to be with us and John accepted on his behalf.

For 12 months 253 players played 1394 rounds of golf on 8 courses. It was now time to present the inaugural Fritz Hainzl Memorial Trophy given to the the Dog who accumulated the most points.

Congratulations to Douglas McQuater 2019 Top Dog!

Fritz Hainzl Memorial Trophy Winner and 2019 Top Dog Douglas McQuater

This brings us to the end of our 2019 season; we hope you enjoyed this year as much as we did.

Thank you to Sarah Brown for arranging the courses, prizes and of course our party, Kevin Dobson for emceeing the prize ceremony each week "Yo Dogs!", Craig Edwards for arranging groups as players arrive and of course all D.O.G.S. Members for coming out to play!

For those of you who are sticking around over the holidays don't miss out on the fun golf day December 22nd at Riverside with Tee Set where teams will be formed by blind draw for 2 person best ball scramble. This has proven to be a very enjoyable outing don't miss out.

As always Tee Set and T-Drivers will be playing rounds right through December so you need not miss out on golf. Check their websites and Deemples to find games.

Watch for the announcement of our first game in 2020.

Happy Holidays,

John, Sarah, Kevin & Craig


Adding Old Posts

We have dug up some old emails from days gone by that will be added to our website in the coming days. If you have joined the website you will get a notification as each one is added. Apologies for this but we cannot find a way to turn this off while updating.

Dogs Tales

Earlier this year fellow Dog Roger Finnie travelled to Scotland and took along his D.O.G.S. hat which he used as a prop in photos at the various courses he played. You can see them here. If you are doing some golf while travelling around the globe please take along your favorite D.O.G.S. item and send in photos to add to our page.


Below is the presentation on 2019 that was given during our party.

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