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D.O.G.S. Final Round at Pondok Cabe Golf & Country Club

Hail the D.O.G.S.!!!!!,

As with all final rounds, there was electricity in the air as the players were arriving at the course each with eyes on winning a prize. Another good start sent 26 D.O.G.S. out to chase the elusive Big Dog. Good pace of play had everyone back in the clubhouse by 4:30 PM enjoying the presentations; thanks to all for being such good sports. 

In terms of results on the day, it was a case of comebacks; Jochen Overberg bounced back from his Most Exercise 2 weeks ago to pick up the Little Dog for Weekly Champion with 43 points.  Mark Johnson, who hasn't troubled the scorers that much for a couple of months, stormed back with 82 off the stick to find form just as we head for the next venue.  Again, a couple of modest scores taking Bobby Prize (24 points-Jens Roestel) and Most Exercise (110 off the stick-Jasper Bouman).  Michael Mueller's 23 putts was an astonishing result winning him an umbrella.

In tallying the Eclectic Top 10, the 1st 18 scores were all less than 70, evidence that the D.O.G.S. really mastered the Pondok Cabe layout.  Tim Knight's final round 78 gave him a sweep of the competitions; pipping Roger Finnie for Lowest Gross Champion, and edging out out poor old Pieter Nielen-Groen, who couldn't find a stroke anywhere, for Eclectic Champion. Well done Tim! Jon Huston, who was sitting pretty going into the final round, was unable to make an improvement and was our 2nd Runner Up.

2nd Runner Up Jon Huston

1st Runner Up Pieter Nielen-Groen

Weekly Champion Jochen Overberg

Eclectic & Lowest Gross Champion Tim Knight

Check out all the results on our Leaderboard page.

So ends this year's tournament at Pondok Cabe, thanks to all the staff and personnel at what has proven to be one of the more popular D.O.G.S. Courses over the last couple of years.  Tally Ho! It's off to Riverside for our next Eclectic of 2019. Our friends at T-Drivers will be joining us and holding their Monthly Medal alongside the regular D.O.G.S. game. All players are welcome (but not required) to play in both D.O.G.S. and T-Drivers competitions. T-Drivers will be playing straight stroke play with handicap. Lowest net score wins the trophy. Prize money is dependent on the pot size but will be split between the net and gross winners on the day. Comp Fee is Rp100k which will be collected prior to start, separate from D.O.G.S. game fee.

Get off the couch, grab a friend and sign up to play.

  • Where:  Riverside Golf Club

  • When:  Saturday March 30, 2019

  • Tee Off:  11:30

  • Green Fee + Golf Cart:  775.000 IDR/person

Golfers are requested to be at the course one hour early to allow for arranging of groups and take advantage of an early start should the course allow.

Please let us know you are playing by noon Friday, March 29. Players can sign up via 3 methods; our website, email to or via the Deemples app.


Kevin & jb


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