D.O.G.S. First Round at Padang Golf Pangkalan Jati

Hail the D.O.G.S.!!!!!,

37 cards were turned in following the D.O.G.S. first round ever at Padang Golf Pangkalan Jati. Thanks to Sarah Brown's excellent organization the course was well prepared for us with the carts loaded up and waiting for us, we were ushered out to the tee boxes and began play off 6 different holes via siren blast right on time.

The play was moving along steadily when the sky turned ominously black. After a couple more holes the rain began falling heavily and the course sounded the lightning alarm calling players off the course. After about 45 minutes of waiting most players gave up and headed into the clubhouse. 10 players continued to wait and were rewarded with being able to finish their round. The Little Dog was awarded based on the first 15 holes players were able to finish. Congratulations to Tribhuvan Singh!

Full Lowest Gross and Eclectic standings can be viewed on our Leaderboard page.

Please note; if you do not finish your round and you add estimated scores for handicap purposes, an "x" needs to be placed in front of each of those scores.


Interleague Update

The D.O.G.S. Interleague team were back in action on May 23; The competition was tough with 2 of the matches against JAWS who are chasing the D.O.G.S. in the standings.  The D.O.G.S. clawed out 5 points and managed to stay at the top of the table.


On Friday, May 28th Craig Edwards and Roger Finnie presented the proceeds from the D.O.G.S. & Tee Set Charity Day, to the Fiona Unity Foundation at their annual golf tournament. Additional to this Craig was also able to get his company, Schaeffler, to add an additional 8.2M.


The D.O.G.S. are sad to say farewell to Rudie Basson who has taken a new position in Africa and was unable to make it back to Jakarta for a goodbye round. We are grateful for the efforts you made to educate the D.O.G.S. in the rules of golf. We wish you all the best in your new endeavor Rudie and hope you will someday be able to make it back for a round.


Speaking with players following our round the consensus was that they enjoyed the course and found it interesting to play. The greens are in great shape and the course itself is well kept. Don't miss out on the fun, grab a friend and sign up to play.

  • Where: Padang Golf Pangkalan Jati

  • When: Saturday, June 5, 2021

  • Tee Off: 12:00

  • Green Fee + Golf Cart: 699.000 IDR/person

As always; we request players are at the course 1 hour early.

To register:

If you are going to be late or decide not to play, let us know so appropriate arrangements can be made.

See you at the course,




The Rules and what it means when we play.

Courtesy of fellow Dog,

Jens Roestel,

R&A First Grade Umpire.

Temporary Water at the Green

The ball comes to a rest on the green and temporary water is between its current position and the hole.

Q: Is the player allowed to drop the ball without penalty so that the player can play without the temporary water being between the ball and the hole?

A: The player can place the ball at the closest point of relief (the temporary water is not in the way of putting any more), but it must be not closer to the hole and it might not be on the green.


The ball comes to a rest next to GUR, bot not in it. If the ball would be played a tree or its branches which originate within the GUR area would interfere with the swing.

Q: Is this ball to be treated like it is in the GUR area and the player has to drop the ball at the closest point of relief within one club length, not closer to the hole?

A: Yes, GUR consists of everything in the bordering lines including everything growing in it. So a tree, which is interfering with a swing is a part of GUR and the ball must be dropped at the closest point of relief within one club length, not closer to the hole.

Ask a Player to Mark and Pick Up his Ball

Q: Is a player allowed to ask another player to mark and pick up his ball because he feels negatively influenced by that ball, even the influence is not detectable for any other player?

A: Yes and the asked player must mark and pick up his ball. The rules says, if the player is influenced (mentally or physically) he can ask the player to mark and pick up his ball. However, if it is clear that this rule is being used to disturb the other player's game, the person asking may be penalized by the committee.

If you have any questions about rules please drop us a note to jakartadogs@gmail.com and our Rules Guy Jens Roestel will answer on our website.



Player Safety