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D.O.G.S. Penultimate Round at Riverside Golf Club

Hail the D.O.G.S.!!!!!,

44 players took the journey out to Riverside for our penultimate round at Riverside Golf Club. Apart from a little rain, the main storm seemed to go around us, all players finished in reasonable time after a prompt start.

Just to ensure the D.O.G.S. keeps going for many more years to come, several players brought along their children for our Young Dogs Day. It was great to see the next generation join us, ranging from 8 to 16 years old. Thanks to Sarah Brown they all looked great in their special shirts made just for the occasion. Great to see you guys Kava, Leo, Gracie, Nathan and Meher. Hope we can see more of you in the future.

Yet again the ladies showed that they can drive the ball a long way with Reysia Moore and Meher Noronha taking the longest drive prizes. For accuracy though, the men still do well, with Chee Hou Koh and Jude Alexander showing their pinpoint precision taking the Nearest to the Pin prizes and Chee and David Moore the Drive & Pitch honours.

Hitoshi Maruyama showed everyone how to putt with only 26, one of the lowest of the series so far, which clearly helped him to his Lowest Gross prize, shooting 79 off the stick. Koko Nay Htut sadly came in with only 19 points, however this allowed him to take the Booby prize while 8 year old Kava had the Most Exercise with 131 off the stick. I wonder how many of us have shot more than that at several times that age!!!

Diarmuid Flanagan was our Runner Up this week. Once again the ladies took the honours with Meher Noronha and her 42 points, becoming Weekly Champion . Sorry Meher, but your handicap is dropping!

Congratulations to all of this week's winners.

Full Eclectic results can be found on our Leaderboard.


Heading into our final round of the year, the Eclectic is getting tight at the top; Dave Keddington has a 1.5 point lead over Jude Alexander, and there’s only 4.2 points separating the top 10 players. As we have seen many times before, there’s always room for a seemingly outsider to come from nowhere and take the Big Dog.

On the President’s Challenge Cup matchplay competition, the second semi final was played between David Moore and Tim Knight with David slipping past 6 & 5. This sets up the final between Juju Juhaeriah and David Moore with only 1 stroke difference between their handicaps; should be an exciting match!

Following the game next week we will hold our annual End of Year Party at the course. As well as announcing all the prizes for the day’s round and the Riverside Big Dog winner, we will also announce the Fritz Hainzl Memorial Trophy for Top Dog of the Year winner. This is determined by players getting points for each time they play with us and the top 50 players in any given Eclectic series being awarded points as well; 1st gets 50 points, 2nd 49, etc. All this is added up over the year and the Top Dog is the player with the highest points tally. Lots of food, drinks, games and all sorts of fun is guaranteed. The first time Eclectic Winners throughout the year will be presented with their Blue Jackets and all past winners should make sure they bring theirs along too; big photo opportunity

We are expecting a large turn out for next week so please register early and let Rod know who you would like to be paired with. A reminder; please make sure the other people in you group actually know and agree to be in the group, just makes life a little easier. Non-playing spouses and partners are most welcome, and encouraged, to join the party after the round, but please let us know if someone not playing is joining for catering purposes. We will assume all players will join the party unless you tell us otherwise.

  • Where: Riverside Golf Club

  • When: Saturday, December 18, 2021

  • Tee Off: 12:30

  • Green Fee + Golf Cart: 950.000 IDR/person

To register:

  • Via our website. This is a good place to let us know you are bringing a plus 1 (or more) to the party.

  • Sign up in mygolf2u

See you at the course,



The Rules and what it means when we play.

Courtesy of fellow Dog, Jens Roestel, R&A First Grade Umpire.

This week we share a video about bunker play.

If you have any questions about rules please drop us a note to and our Rules Guy Jens Roestel will answer on our website.



German Open Cup

The German Open Cup is being held this Thursday at Imperial Klub Golf. Details are posted on our Upcoming Tournaments page. There is still time to sign up.

WhatsApp Group

We have 2 WhatsApp groups for members; our Chatter group which is used for sharing jokes and non-D.O.G.S. related information and our Updates group where we share information specific to D.O.G.S. rounds. If you would like to be added to either or both of these groups please send us an email with your cell phone number to

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