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D.O.G.S. Penultimate Round at Permata Sentul Golf & Country Club

Hail the D.O.G.S.!!!

So, we come to our penultimate and fifth round in this Eclectic Series at Permata Sentul Golf Club with 33 players making the trip. Another beautiful day for golf and with the course not so busy in the morning, we got off on time and had a fairly quick round with everyone finished in good time.

A few newcomers as usual this week: Chris Song, Kaustuv Pal and Shaun Cunningham - welcome guys and we hope to see much more of you in the future.

So, to the play: a good mixture of winners this week with several making it their first time to win a prize. Jude Alexander and Shinta Sari managed to hold these tricky greens taking the Nearest to the Pin prizes as did Park Changsoo and Sarah Brown by taking the Drive & Pitch honours. Newcomer Kaustuv Pal and Minn Tun kept their long drives in the fairway earning them the Longest Drive prizes. Leon Bivolaru took two prizes home this week, the Putting Champion and the Lowest Gross.

For a change, Christian made way for his wife Agnes Berkenhoff to win the Booby Prize - no worries, you can always add it to his collection! Nelli Boguslavskaya had another pleasant walk around the course taking the Most Exercise Trophy home this week.

Irene Palatta was in the running for the top honours this week but had to settle for Runner Up leaving the way for Sergio Daniele to be our Weekly Champion and take the Little Dog home - his first!

A big congratulations to all our winners.

So, with only one round to go things are very tight at the top of the Eclectic Leaderboard with Minn Tun now taking over the top slot. But with only 0.5 separating the top 3 and only 1.6 separating the top 5 with each contender having room for improvement, it's still wide open. You can see the current standings on our Leaderboard page or in the myGolf2u app.

So, there's only one way to find out how this is all going to play out and that's by signing up and joining the fun next week for the final. Just a reminder that previous blue jacket winners should bring them along for the Blue Jacket Parade photo.

Other news:

The German Open Cup, organized by fellow Dog Jens Roestel, is this Friday. The tournament is in support of ISCO Foundation, a non-government organization, whose particular focus is providing education for disadvantaged children. With a 12:00 tee off at Jagorawi, there is time to get some work done in the morning and then enjoy the afternoon on a stunning course, all for a good cause. Details and registration form can be found on our Upcoming Tournaments page.

So, as we mentioned above, next week is our final round of the Permata Sentul Eclectic series, so, please grab a friend or three, sign up for the final thrilling instalment and don't forget to let Rod know your preferred playing partners. Please also make sure you have confirmed that your preferred playing partners are their preferred playing partners!

Also note that signing up early helps a lot in getting things ready with the club - thanks.

  • Where: Permata Sentul Golf Club

  • When: Saturday, September 16, 2023

  • Tee Off: 12:00

  • Green Fee: 960.000 IDR. Includes cart and caddie fee

To register:

See you all on the course.

Rod & jb


The Rules and what it means when we play.

Jens Roestel

R&A First Grade Umpire.

Is it a penalty, when you pick up your playing partner’s ball?

This is one of those times where the outcome is hugely different depending on whether the format is stroke or match play.

In stroke play there is no penalty. You are classed an outside influence and as you have lifted or moved the other player’s ball at rest, so the ball has to be replaced on its original spot or as close as possible.

In match play the rule is not as friendly to you. If an opponent lifts, moves or deliberately touches the other player’s ball, they get one penalty stroke.

In stroke play, a player played from outside the teeing area and hit the ball out of bounds. They go to correct the mistake by playing another ball from the correct teeing area.

What is the ruling?

A - The player's next stroke from the tee will be their third.

B - The player's next stroke from the tee will be their fourth.

C - The player's next stroke from the tee will be their fifth.

Correct answer: A

Explanation: The player gets only two penalty strokes and the next stroke from the tee will be their third. The ball played from outside the teeing area was not in play, so the fact that it came to rest out of bounds was irrelevant and the stroke itself did not count.

In stroke play, a player plays a left-handed stroke with the back of the head of a right-handed club.

What is the ruling?

A - There is no penalty.

B - The player gets one penalty stroke.

C - The player gets two penalty strokes.

Correct answer: A

Explanation: The player is permitted to strike the ball with any part of the head of the club.

In stroke play, unaware that one side of a double green has been declared a wrong green by the Committee, a player takes two putts from the wrong green before the ball comes to rest on the putting green. What is the ruling?

A - No penalty as the player was unaware that it was a wrong green.

B - The player gets two penalty strokes.

C - The player gets four penalty strokes.

Correct answer: C

Explanation: When a player’s ball comes to rest in an area where play is not allowed, the player must take relief under the appropriate rule.

In stroke play, the player gets two penalty strokes for each stroke made from

that area. The player is responsible to know all relevant rules, which apply during the play’s round or if the player does not know, look for clarification.




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