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D.O.G.S. Second Round at Klub Golf Bogor Raya

Hail the D.O.G.S.!!!

So, to our second round at Klub Golf Bogor Raya with 54 players making the journey. A couple of accidents - and, for some, a late Friday night, meant that we started a little bit later, at midday. This suited the starters as it meant the morning golfers were out of the way so we could have a shotgun start to get us all underway together. Some very light drizzle was in the air but not enough to cause any stoppages, so we were all finished in reasonable time and enjoying the refreshments in the Tondano restaurant for sunset.

A few newcomers and some old faces as usual. A big welcome to Abhijit Singh, Harald Fitzek and Naresh Krishnan and a welcome back to Alex MacGregor, Deepak and Sarmila Pande, Sushant Agrawal, Muhammad Shehryar and Mo De Groot - please don't leave it so long before we see you again.

So, to the play: Hitoshi Maruyama - who was definitely still recovering from the night before - BATS I believe - and Srinivas Murthy showed their accuracy winning the Nearest to the Pin prizes. Alberto Gonzales and Andrew Goode showed their accuracy with their approach shots winning the Drive & Pitch prizes whilst Alex MacGregor and Sam Westen both hit monster drives taking the Longest Drive Prizes.

Richard Mau missed all the greens but still had his putter working well becoming this week's Putting Champion. Whilst John Hawkins had an enjoyable afternoon in the Bogor countryside taking both the Booby Prize and the Most Exercise Trophy home - keep going John!

Robbie Crozier had the round of his life taking this week's Lowest Gross, but it was only good enough for the Runner Up prize in the competition for the Little Dog. This went to Bradley Namkoong who had the best round of his life which is quite something for an already fairly low handicapper. Unfortunately, he had to go home early so we will present him with his Little Dog later.

A big congratulations to all this week's winners.

So, with two rounds completed we are seeing the usual multitude of changes at the top of the Eclectic leaderboard with Bradley Namkoong and Richard Mau running neck and neck at the top - but there's still a very long way to go! Please check out the full standings on our Leaderboard page or in the myGolf2u app.

I just want to thank those of you who knew you were running late due to the accidents on the Jagorawi Toll and let us know - that's a big help in working out with the starters for the time of the shotgun - which worked out well this week given the busy morning the club really helps guys and much appreciated!

So, now we head into the third round and the halfway stage. So, as we always say, grab a friend and sign up for our final round at Rainbow Hills and don't forget to let Rod know your preferred playing partners. Please also make sure you have confirmed that your preferred playing partners are their preferred playing partners! Also note that signing up early helps a lot in getting things ready with the club - thanks.

  • Where: Klub Golf Bogor Raya

  • When: Saturday, July 15, 2023

  • Tee Off: 11:30

  • Green Fee: 1.049.000 IDR. Includes cart and caddie fee

To register:

See you all on the course.

Rod & jb


The Rules and what it means when we play.

Courtesy of fellow Dog, Jens Roestel, R&A First Grade Umpire.

We've all been through the scenario where a put is missed by one or more players and someone starts grumbling about the pin placement being illegal. What is an illegal pin placement; is there even such a thing? Read "What Is an Illegal Pin in Golf? (Explained)" so that you are prepared to comment next time this comes up.




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