D.O.G.S. Third Round at Rancamaya Golf & Country Club

Hail the D.O.G.S.!!!!!,

The big numbers continue with 51 players coming out for our 3rd round. The course was able to get us started by 11:30 and the D.O.G.S. took advantage to get the large group underway as soon as possible. A heavy downpour in the middle of the back nine made for a wet finish but didn't dampen the fun.

Welcome to Cedric Lee, new to Jakarta and the D.O.G.S., thanks for joining us! We hope to see you back soon.

In the daily prizes there were several multiple prize winners; Rey Moore once again showed up the men by taking both Longest Drives. Sebastian Braun made sure he got value for his green fees taking the Booby Prize and Most Exercise. Divya Ahuja was playing very well winning a Drive & Pitch, Putting Champion and Weekly Champion; his second in 3 weeks!

Congratulations to all of this week's winners!

Full Lowest Gross and Eclectic standings can be viewed at our Leaderboard page.


Last week John & Sarah Brown and Rod & Dewi Williams went to Bogor to visit Yayasan YPAI-Indriya to handover the donations from our Modern Tournament. Indriya primarily educates children with special needs such as Autism, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome and other mental and physical challenges.


We are now past the halfway point of this tournament which means opportunities to play are slipping away. Don't miss out, grab a friend and sign up for our next round.

  • Where: Rancamaya Golf & Country Club

  • When: Saturday, April 24, 2021

  • Tee Off: 12:00

  • Green Fee + Golf Cart: 750.000 IDR/person

As always; we request players are at the course 1 hour early.

Last week the traffic was very light to the course and this week we expect the same. It is also quite likely we will get another early start. If you arrive after 11:00 you may find we are already on the tee box.

To register:

If you are going to be late or decide not to play, let us know so appropriate arrangements can be made.

See you at the course,




The Rules and what it means when we play.

Courtesy of fellow Dogs,

Rudie Basson and Jens Roestel,

R&A First Grade Umpires.


Mark Johnson's eagle eye spotted a rule posted last week that requires some clarification.

Accidently hitting the ball in play, other than on the green, with a practice swing:

The stroke does not count (no intent), but the ball has been moved and must be replaced on original spot and there is a one stroke penalty for moving your ball.

Note that a ball is only in play once a player has made a stroke at the ball to start the hole.

On the green there is no penalty but the ball must be replaced. There is also no penalty for accidentally hitting a ball with a practice swing prior to the start of the hole, as the ball is not in play.

This week's subject is playing the ball.

Tee Shots

Play your tee shot from between, and not in front of, the tee-markers. You may play your tee shot from up to two club-lengths behind the front line of the tee-markers.

If you play your tee shot from outside this area:

  • In match play there is no penalty, but your opponent may require you to replay your stroke provided he does so immediately.

  • In stroke play you incur the General Penalty (two penalty strokes), the stroke itself does not count and you must play a ball from within the correct area.

Playing the Ball