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D.O.G.S. Third Round at Rainbow Hills Golf Club

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Hail the D.O.G.S.!!!!!,

Extremely bad traffic on the way and a packed course which led to a late start had some of the D.O.G.S. starting their rounds a bit agitated. While these issues are quite annoying it is worth noting this is not anything new to golf where we live and certainly not reserved for this course only. While yesterday's organization was not the course's finest moment they have been doing a very good job this tournament getting us off to early starts in the previous 2 rounds. Nonetheless, we have already passed on some suggestions for improvement.

Unfortunately the D.O.G.S. also share some blame for the confusion at the start as a few players chose to ignore the starters instructions and even went so far as to encourage other players to do the same. This is not helpful as despite what a player may think, they do not have a clear picture of the entire situation. Please remember the starters are just as frustrated as we are and are doing their best to sort out the situation. Any time you feel the aggravation rising try this technique to restore calm.

Despite the rocky start once the groups began teeing off things improved quickly with great weather and brisk pace of play allowing all but 2 of the 30 golfers who submitted cards to complete their rounds.

Tim Knight and Juju Juhaeriah were both triple winners for the round with Tim's impressive 74 taking the Lowest Gross prize. Jacopo Rigamonti earned an honorable mention for snatching up 2 prizes, taking the Bobby Prize and Most Exercise. However it was Geoff Thwaites' 42 points which got all the glory and allowed him to take home the Little Dog as this week's Champion.

Congratulations to all of this week's winners! Please check out full results here.

We have passed the halfway point of the tournament but there is plenty of golf to play. Get off the couch, grab a friend and join us for our next round.

Where: Rainbow Hills Golf Club

When: Sunday, July 7, 2019

Tee Off: 12:00

Green Fee + Golf Cart: 750.000 IDR/person

Golfers are requested to be at the course one hour early to allow for arranging of groups and take advantage of an early start should the course allow.

Please let us know you are playing by noon Friday, July 5.

Players are encouraged to sign up via our website, from your mobile using using Deemples or via email to




Comedy Night

Looking for a good laugh and a fine meal? Check out the upcoming comedy night special at Mandarin Oriental on our Events page. Hope to see some of our fellow Dogs there.

Deemples Medal Round

On July 13, as part of our penultimate round, we will be hosting the Deemples Monthly Medal for July. Format will be stroke play with winner determined by lowest net score using Deemples handicap. To qualify for play in the competition simply sign up for the round in Deemples. If you don't have enough rounds in to have an established handicap you can still join and play off scratch.

This will be run concurrently with our regular D.O.G.S. round. The D.O.G.S. scoring will be done with D.O.G.S. handicaps.

If this sounds confusing, don't worry as we will handle all the paperwork. Just sign up in Deemples to play and come out for a fun day.

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