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D.O.G.S. First Round at Pondok Cabe Golf Club

Hail the D.O.G.S.!!!!!

So, after the challenges of the past 6 weeks, we start our final Eclectic Series of the year at the more friendly Pondok Cabe course. A lot to look forward to over the next 6 weeks culminating with our End of Year Party on the 16th of December. More on that later!

40 players made the shorter trip to Pondok Cabe including some new faces in Anthony Green and a few faces we haven't seen for a while, Robbis Crozier, Claudio Ghelli, Alberto Gonzales, and Joachim Overberg - welcome back guys!

The refurbishing of the men's locker room is not quite complete but we are assured it should be by next week - fingers crossed - but the course improvements continue to give us a really good quality course with excellent greens. A great credit to the management of the club.

Our semi-shotgun off the back nine was bang on time and with a very good pace of play most group finished in 4 hours of even slightly less! - hopefully this will be a feature for the coming weeks. The weather threatened and we did have to stop on hearing the siren, but only for a few minutes - I think we were lucky and long may that continue!

So, to the play: Axel Herzke and Roger Finnie got closer to the pin than anyone else taking those prizes as did John Brown and Jude Alexander for the Drive & Pitch prizes. Welcome back Robbie Crozier who hit a couple of monster drives to take both the Longest Drive prizes. Ash Hewitt had a good day with the flat stick becoming this week's Putting Champion.

Christian Berkenhoff yet again showed his love of the game taking both the Booby and Most Exercise Trophies - you have to admire his dedication under extreme duress in his love for the game!

Nicolas Verdenal kept up his low scoring taking the Lowest Gross prize this week on a count back from Chris Anderson who didn't go home empty handed taking the Runner Up prize. This left the way clear for our ever-smiling Thai chef Viboon Seeshaan to be this week's Champion taking home the Little Dog - his first!

A big congratulations to all our winners this week.

With only the first round completed, not much to say on the Eclectic side of things with Chris Anderson taking the early lead - but a very long way to go yet! You can see the full Eclectic results on the Leaderboard page or in the myGolf2u app as usual.

Our charity for this series will be the ANZA Student Sponsorship Program

The program was started in 1988 by Marilyn Ardipradja, initially with 22 students sponsored by 19 sponsors, and has grown over the past thirty years to help approximately 500 students per school year. The program provides financial assistance to enable disadvantaged Indonesian children to go to school and is funded by sponsorship rather than ANZA’s own social welfare funds.

Last years donations were enough to cover the education of 6 children. 2, Dafy and Yoga, have received their Elementary Certificate and the Kartu Jakarta Pintar (KJP) now covers all their school fees for Junior High.

Sarah, Zahir, Qisya and Riyan will continue at elementary and still require support.

Your contributions make a huge difference to these children's lives so please let's all continue to support them.

Hitoshi and Velma were most kind to allow a few of us back to their place after the day was finished - something to do with whisky I believe! - All good fun for sure and thanks guys for the invite!

Next week our friends from POCKSIA will be joining us. Their after-golf dinner will be at the Bull & Vine where they will do their prize giving. The day will be run on the D.O.G.S. myGolf2u app as usual for eclectic scoring purposes.

So, grab a friend or two and sign up. Don't forget to let Rod know your preferred playing partners. Please also make sure you have confirmed that your preferred playing partners are their preferred playing partners!

Also note that signing up early helps a lot in getting things ready with the club - thanks.

  • Where: Pondok Cabe Golf Club

  • When: Saturday, November 18, 2023

  • Tee Off: 12:00

  • Green Fee: 800.000 IDR. Includes cart and caddie fee

To register:

See you all on the course.

Rod & jb


The Rules and what it means when we play.

Jens Roestel

R&A First Grade Umpire.

In a match between players A and B, A has played 3 strokes and B has holed out for 4. Player A putts and their ball apparently comes to rest, but is overhanging the hole. After only five seconds, player B picks up A's ball to return it to them.

What is the ruling?

A - Player A wins the hole.

B - Player B wins the hole.

C - The hole is tied.

Correct answer C

Explanation: As player B moved player A's ball before the 10 second waiting time ended, A's ball is treated as holed with the previous stroke.

Player B does not get a penalty for lifting the ball.

If the colour of a penalty area has not been marked or indicated as yellow or red by the Committee, it is treated as a

yellow penalty area.

A - True

B – False

Correct answer B

Explanation: See Definition of Penalty Area. If the colour of a

penalty area has not been marked or indicated by the Committee, it is treated as

a red penalty area.

In stroke play, a player swings at and misses a wrong ball.

What is the ruling?

A - There is no penalty.

B - The player gets two penalty strokes and the stroke at the wrong ball counts.

C - The player gets two penalty strokes but the actual missed stroke does not


Correct answer C

Explanation: Since the player made a stroke at a wrong ball,

they get the General Penalty (2 strokes), but the stroke itself does not count.

In stroke play, player A concedes player B's short putt and

knocks the ball away. Player B lifts their ball and plays from

the next tee.

What is the ruling?

A - Player B is disqualified.

B - Player B gets two penalty strokes.

C - Player A and Player B both get two penalty strokes

Correct answer A

Explanation: If the player fails to hole out at any hole they

must correct that mistake before making a stroke to begin another hole. If the

mistake is not corrected in that time, the player is disqualified.



St. Andrew's Ball

Tickets are on sale for the 2023 St. Andrew's Ball. This is a fun night which always sells out. Get your tickets early. Details and registration link can be found here.

December Off Week Game

The Capricorn Birthday Tournament (formerly Rod's Birthday Round) - for Capricorn Birthday celebrants - Paul Barnett, David Moore, Rod Williams, John Brown and Leon Bivolaru - will he held on Wednesday the 27th December at Pondok Cabe - it's up on myGolf2u; it's never too early to register. If there are any other Capricorn celebrants, please let us know!


If you would like to purchase a D.O.G.S. shirt please get in touch with John Brown or send an email to

WhatsApp Groups

We have 2 WhatsApp groups for members; our Chatter group which is used for sharing jokes and non-D.O.G.S. related information and our Updates group where we share information specific to D.O.G.S. rounds. If you would like to be added to either or both of these groups please send us an email with your cell phone number to

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