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D.O.G.S. First Round at Rancamaya Golf & Country Club

Hail the D.O.G.S.!!!!!

So, we came to our regular venue for Ramadhan, Rancamaya Golf & Country Club. A great turnout of 54 players made the journey all the way down the Jagorawi Toll with blue skies all the way - and yes, the photo of Gunung Salak was taken at around 10am but unfortunately the skies clouded over by the time we started.

Some newcomers and visitors from afar this week, so a big welcome to Allan Coll - an old Dog from many years ago making a visit to play with us again, Channe Gabrielle and Wahyu Bauer from the Max and Sri clan, Zebedee Tay and a few faces we haven't seen for a while, Terence Martin, Srinivas Murthy, Ed Bender, TPS - having recovered from his wedding!, Sepand Zarrabi, Marc Miller, Andy Mackin, Jeff Durham and Bobby Cangkrama - hope we can see you all more often please.

Well, play got off on time with a semi shotgun start but the rains came after only a few holes. Fortunately, the stoppage was for only 30 minutes or so and we all resumed play with everyone finishing in good time. The course was in excellent condition with the greens being a little slower due to the damp conditions. Apologies about the scorecard errors but as pretty much all of you enter your cores into myGolf2u through the assigned scorer, no harm done. We will have to live with these scorecards for a few weeks so please continue to mark down your gross score and putts - thanks!

NOTE: Next week we will start at 11:30am.

A good spread of winners this week which is always what we like to see. Claudio Ghelli and Nanin Provance showed their accuracy off the tee taking the Nearest to the Pin prizes as were Srinivas Murthy and Holger Molendyk with their approach shots taking the Drive & Pitch prizes.

Divya Ahuja took one of the Longest Drive prizes whilst Channe Gabrielle showed that you don't have to be big and powerful to hit a long way taking the other Longest Drive honour.

Ash Hewitt managed to gauge the green speeds taking this week's Putting Champion prize, whereas Detlef Blumke enjoyed his afternoon in the Gunung Salak foothills taking both the Booby and Most Exercise Trophies - he had decided to depart before he had received his spoils but we'll keep them for you until next week!

Bobby Cangkrama has a habit of walking away with some prize or other and this time was no exception as he was this week's Runner Up. Terence Martin seems to like Rancamaya as he won not only the Lowest Gross but the Little Dog - his 4th at Rancamaya - becoming this week's Champion.

A big congratulations to all this week's winners!

Ian Pemberton showing us his tee shot on the Par 3, 6th Hole.

Claudio Ghelli off the same tee.

Both landed on the green!

So, with this being only the first week of the Eclectic series not much to report. Full results after the first round can be seen on the Leaderboard page or in the myGolf2u app as usual.

Please check out the current standings after Riverside and Modern for the Fritz Hainzl Memorial Trophy on the website.

Important Notice:

Our final weekend at Rancamaya this year will fall on the 4th and 5th of May. Saturday the 4th May, will be the final round of the Eclectic and our annual matchplay against TeeSet for the Juergen Degert Trophy. The game will be followed by our usual buffet dinner upstairs in the club house where we will do all the prize giving.

On the Sunday 5th May, we will hold a 4 person Florida Scramble Charity game. Details of the rules can be found by checking out our dedicated page on the website.

Many of you choose to stay at the R Hotel next to the club house or another suitable hotel not far away. We recommend you book early to avoid disappointment. Please book directly with the hotel.

Next week is round 2, So, grab a friend and please sign up early to avoid disappointment and don't forget to let Rod know your preferred playing partners. Please also make sure you have confirmed that your preferred playing partners are their preferred playing partners!

  • Where: Rancamaya Golf & Country Club

  • When: Saturday, 6 April 2024

  • Tee Off: 11:30am

  • Green Fee: 1.000.000 IDR. Includes cart and caddie fee

To register:

See you all on the course.

Rod & jb


Rules Information

We all do our best to follow the Rules of Golf but sometimes we get it wrong due to lack of knowledge. To help you stay out of trouble make yourself familiar with these Easiest Rules Of Golf To Get Wrong.



Rancamaya Charity

Donations collected during our Rancamaya tournament will be donated to Animal Sanctuary Trust Indonesia. A non-profit organization operating a rescue center in West Java, Indonesia for trafficked animals belonging to Indonesian protected species.


If you would like to purchase a D.O.G.S. shirt please get in touch with John Brown or send an email to

We are about to make an order for v-neck t-shirts. Price est. 200K. If you would like one of them send an email.

WhatsApp Groups

We have 2 WhatsApp groups for members; our Chatter group which is used for sharing jokes and non-D.O.G.S. related information and our Updates group where we share information specific to D.O.G.S. rounds. If you would like to be added to either or both of these groups please send us an email with your cell phone number to

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