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D.O.G.S. Penultimate Round at Permata Sentul Golf Club

Hail the D.O.G.S.!!!!!,

23 players turned up for our Halloween weekend round to try for the elusive improvements that would allow them to move up the leaderboard. The groups went off holes 1 & 10 right on time and with nobody in front we were able to make our way around in good time. Rain threatened to fall for most of the back nine but stayed away allowing all but the final groups to finish dry. Sorry to the groups in the back who got a good soaking. Thank you to those who wore a costume. Sarah Brown, Rey Moore, Diana Budiarti and Velma Yolanda were the winners of best costume for their matching orange and black outfits. All received a much sought after D.O.G.S. cap.

Indar Dhaliwal was runner up with 38 points but he was most excited about taking a Longest Drive which resulted in Holger Molendyk finding himself in a rather compromising position.

Rod Williams found himself with the MC duties and got to award himself the dreaded double of Most Exercise and Booby Prize. Diana Budiarti took a Nearest to Pin, Hitoshi Maruyama a Longest Drive and Jude Alexander collected a Drive & Pitch.

Cleaning up with 5 prizes, Nearest to Pin, Putting Champion, Lowest Gross, and unofficial Best Socks, Jens Roestel was our Weekly Champion

Congratulations to all our winners!

Check out full results on our Leaderboard.

Going into our final round Jeremy Oberoi, sits at the top of the standings. 2nd place Douglas McQuater and 4th place Gaurav Shirke are out due to travel. Will Holger Molendyk be able to catch Jeremy or will someone else emerge from the pack with a great round to steal the Big Dog. Jude Alexander is sitting at the top of the Lowest Gross race but a good round by several others could see him passed up.

Get in on the action. Grab a friend and sign up to play our next round.

  • Where: Permata Sentul Golf Club

  • When: Saturday, November 6, 2021

  • Tee Off: 12:00

  • Green Fee + Golf Cart: 850.000 IDR/person

To register:

As this is our final round the Big Dog will be at the course. Previous Champions are reminded to wear their Blue Jackets.

We will also be handing out the awards from Pangkalan Jati during the award ceremony.

See you at the course,



The Rules and what it means when we play.

Courtesy of fellow Dog, Jens Roestel, R&A First Grade Umpire.

A player makes a practice swing and accidentally moves their ball in play on the fairway with her club.

What is the ruling?

  1. There is no penalty but the player must replace the ball.

  2. The player gets one penalty stroke and must replace the ball.

  3. There is no penalty, but the movement of the ball counts as a stroke and the ball must be played as it lies.

Correct answer 2

Explanation: If a player causes their ball in the general area to move without making a stroke there is a one stroke penalty.

In stroke play a player's ball comes to rest on a gravel surfaced road. They are entitled to relief from the road but decide to play the ball as it lies. The player removes some gravel that might interfere with his stroke.

What is the ruling?

  1. There is no penalty.

  2. The player gets a penalty of one stroke.

  3. The player gets a penalty of two strokes.

Correct answer 1

Explanation: Gravel is a loose impediment and a player may remove loose impediments without penalty anywhere on the course.

A player is not entitled to free relief from a dangerous course condition.

  1. True

  2. False

Correct answer 1

Explanation: While the player may be faced with challenging circumstances if their ball comes to rest in a spot where there is interference from a plant or bush that could cause physical harm, they are not entitled to free relief under the Rules.

Temporary water includes puddles caused by rain on a putting green.

  1. True

  2. False

Correct answer 1

Explanation: Temporary Water has the same definition on the entire golf course. If you stand and there is then water around your shoes, this is temporary water. It might be pressed out of the ground caused by your weight.

If you have any questions about rules please drop us a note to and our Rules Guy Jens Roestel will answer on our website.




Our supplier is offering their shirts on discount, if you would like one please let us know ASAP via email to

Flags can be put on the sleeves; if you want one let us know.

Note available sizes from the table.

President's Challenge

Latest results:

  • No matches

Matches can be played anywhere at anytime as long as both players agree. Challengers are on the lower rung and should initiate the request to play. Check out the board to see who you are playing against.

If you need some help scheduling please ask anyone from the Committee and we'll be glad to assist.

WhatsApp Group

We have 2 WhatsApp groups for members; our Chatter group which is used for sharing jokes and non-D.O.G.S. related information and our Updates group where we share information specific to D.O.G.S. rounds. If you would like to be added to either or both of these groups please send us an email with your cell phone number to

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