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D.O.G.S. Second Round at Klub Golf Bogor Raya

Hail the D.O.G.S.!!!!!,

A modest turnout of 15 players for the second Sunday in a row at Bogor Raya saw groups teeing off in glorious sunshine but finishing in some light rain to cool things down.  With a break of about 40 minutes in the mid afternoon for an early season rain storm, all groups got in comfortably before dark could intervene.

Scoring was still very healthy and a check of the Leaderboard shows that there are already 6 players with their eclectic net scores in the sixties after only two rounds.

Welcome to new players Adam Kim and Miguel Veronesi who enjoyed a great first round.

James Bristow needed a bigger boot to get the car home after taking the Deemples, Lowest Net, 3 skill prizes AND the Little Dog.  D.O.G.S. are obviously loving Bogor Raya with 40 points taking the Little Dog and a respectable 28 points getting the special note as the Booby Prize (sorry Stuart). 

As mentioned, the leaderboard in no place for the faint hearted with the course in such fantastic condition, Craig Edwards is out there cutting swathes off his handicap and colouring in squares rapidly.

So it's back to Saturdays next week and a great opportunity to get this sensational course at its very best before the rainy season gets too serious. Grab the clubs and come out for a round of Jakarta's golf at its very best. 

Where: Klub Golf Bogor Raya

When: Saturday, October 5, 2019

Tee Off: 13:00

Green Fee + Golf Cart: 925.000 IDR/person

Just a note that often the starter tries to get the group out earlier if there is a gap. As we enter the rainy season, its handy to have  bit of time up our sleeves to sit out a storm and still get finished.  Therefore players are requested to be at the club by 11:30 allowing us to take advantage of an early start opportunity - if you are running late text ahead and we'll make sure we hold a group back for as long as we can.  For the early starters - please remember that we'd like to keep the groups connected as much as possible - please check in with KD or Craig before you bolt out of the blocks - it's always good to get the group together for the 19th‼‼

Please let us know you are playing by noon Friday, October 4.

It has never been easier to register so sign up using the Deemples App on your mobile, via our website or by old fashioned email to





The D.O.G.S. have a WhatsApp group which we use to share information about our rounds. If you would like to be in the group please drop us an email to and we will put you on the list.

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