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D.O.G.S. Final Round at Matoa Nasional Golf Course & EoYP

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Hail the D.O.G.S.!!!!!

We finally got to the end of what was a difficult and challenging year with D.O.G.S. for all of us with the COVID-19 situation. Firstly thanks to all the DOGS for keeping in the ‘bubble’ so we were able to see the year through. We need to keep this going into 2021 of course and we know we have your continuing full support.

Good to see some newcomers, or at least some people we haven’t seen for a long time, Kamel Lakhdari, Gazza Chapman, Mick Dodsworth, Riahana, Norman & Lina Bunter and Bruce Smart. Always great to see new and old folks back and we hope you don’t leave it so long before we see you again.

So the day saw our final round of the Matoa Eclectic and our famous End of Year Party with 54 score cards handed in despite some initial delays due to rain and the starters being a little over zealous in trying to get as many people through the course as possible. Not to worry, as everyone finished their rounds well in time for the early evening festivities.

In the daily results Rudie Basson was so proud of his closest to the pin he got his group to get together for a photo of him on the green.

We have to agree it was a very nice shot. But not nearly as nice as our other Closest to Pin winner George Baptiste who thought he flew the green and was having trouble finding his ball on the backside of 12. Turns out he was looking in the wrong place; his caddie found the ball in the cup! Congratulations on your hole it 1 George!

Bill Lloyd was a double winner taking the Putting Champion prize and more importantly the Weekly Champion to gather his first Little Dog in 5 years.


The eclectic was, as usual, very competitive with the lead changing after each of the first 4 rounds. Gary Danskin led after 5 and was hoping to maintain his lead but actually started the final in second as Jeremy Oberoi finally got enough rounds in to establish a handicap which put him at the top. The top 4 of James Bristow, Gaurav Shirke, Gary and Jeremy teed off together on 10; a hole that Gaurav had so far done no better than a double bogey. Gaurav's tee shot missed the fairway and he ended up having to chip out of danger onto the fairway and was already laying 2 on his nemesis hole. Somehow he managed to compose himself and stick it close to the hole and then make his putt for a 2 shot improvement to start. Not having been there, one might be curious as to how we know it went down that way? Simple, everytime Gaurav got near someone they heard about how he played 10! 🤣

Why not, that 2 shot improvement was just enough to take the wind out of his competitors sales and earn him the title of Matoa 2020 Eclectic Champion!

Gary did not go away empty handed finishing 3rd in the Eclectic and was our Lowest Gross Champion. Jeremy was runner up in the Eclectic.

Congratulations to all of our winners! As always full results can be viewed on our Leaderboard.


After awarding the weekly winners it was time for the 2020 Champions to get their jackets. Waiting since 2016 Jari Antikainen was quite happy to finally receive his Blue Jacket.

With only 7 eclectic tournaments this year we still managed to have 206 different people playing with the D.O.G.S. this year, with many new names having been added throughout.

The Fritz Hainzl Trophy is presented each year to the Top Dog; a trophy which not only remembers our founder but recognises the achievements and support of the recipient. This year the trophy went to James Bristow who only missed 2 games in the year and finished in the top 10 in all but one of the eclectic tournaments. Congratulations to James!


As previously announced we have started a new charity initiative this year; during tournaments we take donations in our charity barrel after each round and at the end of the tournament it is donated to a charity that has a connection to the D.O.G.S. We are proud to report that we collected 8,720,000 IDR in donations over the course of the Matoa tournament and at our End of Year Party, which will be donated to Indonesian Street Children Organisation (ISCO). Many of our members help to fund raise for ISCO, play in their monthly golf tournament or go to Alpenstammtisch International, Wednesday's at Blue Martini Bar in the JW Marriott Jakarta.

This brings our total for 2020 to 25,057,500 IDR. Thank you to everyone for donating.


Throughout the evening many prizes were given out during a quiz and raffle draws. To make sure nobody went home empty handed Malaysia Airlines, represented by Senior Manager Stefan Hidajat, provided a gift bag to all guests. The Grand Prize was a ticket to Abu Dhabi generously donated by Etihad Airways; General Manager Yarub Obaidalla was there to make the draw and present to winner Wiwi Revina.

Thank you to Schenck Process, Asian Tigers Group, JS Luwansa Hotel & Convention Center, McGettigan's, The RIO Club, Lenia Savory & Desert, Amigos and Sumo Caddy for the vouchers, gifts and donations that helped to make for a great evening!

Thank you to Matoa for helping to make the entire tournament and EoYP memorable.

A very big THANK YOU to and Director Srinivas Murthy for their Diamond Sponsorship of our 2020 season, sponsoring the EoYP and also bringing in other sponsors.


There is a lot of effort put into making sure the D.O.G.S. is run and players can enjoy themselves. We would like to recognize some of the people here.

Even though she doesn't swing a club, Lily Bristow has become a D.O.G.S. regular; showing up for the after round activities and always bringing some delicious snacks and quite frequently, refreshing gin & tonics. The D.O.G.S. are extremely grateful to Lili and very proud to have her as a member. Thank you Lili!

Thank you Apple Brown for providing photography services for our final round and End of Year party. You can also see some of Apple's editing work in various photos in previous write ups.

Once again this year Doug McQuater and James Bristow took over the stage to provide gifts of appreciation to the committee on behalf of the D.O.G.S. membership. We the committee are humbled by your generous gifts and offer our sincere thank you!

Lastly I would personally like to thank the committee members for all their efforts; Rod Williams, Kevin Dobson, Craig Edwards, Douglas McQuater and of course Sarah Brown! I couldn't do this without you!


We wish you all a festive holiday season and we will see you when we resume play in January.

  • Where: Riverside Golf Club

  • When: Saturday, January 9, 2021

  • Tee Off: 11:45

  • Green Fee + Golf Cart: 850.000 IDR/person

As always; we request players are at the course 1 hour early.

To register:

If you are going to be late or decide not to play, let us know so appropriate arrangements can be made.

See you at the course,




This feature will resume in 2021




D.O.G.S are moving to myGolf2u in 2021 and all handicaps will come from there. If you need help setting up an account please contact Rod Williams and he will be happy to assist.

Players are encouraged to log their non-D.O.G.S. rounds in it to ensure an accurate handicap.

As we will no longer be sharing a database with Tee Set we will not be submitting scores from D.O.G.S. rounds to their secretary for input into their handicap system. Tee Set players must now submit their scores themselves.


We are going live in 2021 with online scoring and it will be imperative for members to input scores while on the course or immediately following their round.

If you are having trouble with the app you can also use their web portal found at

Should you have any questions or need assistance please see Rod Williams our mygolf2u liaison.


Proceeds from our next tournament will be going to Yayasan Al Hijrah, helping kids throughout Indonesia, adopt abandoned children and educate them. It is an orphanage for abandoned children in Indonesia. Yayasan Al Hijrah founder is ibu Ida and she is a close friend of Sarah Brown.

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