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D.O.G.S. Final Round at Rainbow Hills Golf Club

Hail the D.O.G.S.!!!!!,

39 players came out for our final round of the Rainbow Hills Eclectic. A prompt start had the D.O.G.S. on the course chasing improvements to climb in the standings. After the rains of the previous weeks we were rewarded with a great day for golf with the thunder and lightning holding off until the end.

There was a bit of drama in the second half. After making the turn, one or our groups noticed groups of non-D.O.G.S. mixed in with us and play had slowed considerably. The marshall was summoned to find out what was going on. They apologized for the slow play and informed it was the result of a D.O.G.S. player hitting a non-D.O.G.S. player in the chest with a ball, which knocked him to the ground and led to him leaving the course. How a tee shot from the Stone Hills par 3 hole number 3 hits a player on the hole number 2 green will forever be a mystery.

Welcome to Lubby Lu, Jeremy Oberoi and Ludovic Toulemonde who joined the D.O.G.S. for the first time. We hope you all enjoyed yourselves and will be back soon.

For the first time this year at Rainbow the Longest Drive was split between the ladies and men with Sarah Brown taking it on the Forest and Srinivas Murthy on Stone Hills. James Bristow and Douglas McQuater split the Nearest to Pin prizes while Andy Coop and Srinivas Murthy took the Drive & Pitch glory. Putting Champion was Tim Knight with 29 putts. Sami Kekonen began the day with hopes of making enough improvements to win the Big Dog. He ended up settling for the Booby Prize with a mere 22 points. Rod Williams got to see plenty of the course on his way to taking the Most Exercise award with 119 shots. Gary Danskin's 81 was low enough to win Lowest Gross. Albert Santos had 40 Stableford points which was just enough for Runner Up for the day. It was fitting that our main sponsor for the Rainbow Hills tournament was able to pick up his 3rd prize of the day; congratulations to Srinivas Murthy for winning Weekly Champion.

Going into the final the 2020 Rainbow Hills Lowest Gross title was all but sewn up. His 81 was enough to maintain the lead; congratulations to Gary Danskin who won with a 76.75 average.

The race for the Eclectic was once again tight with only 4.1 points separating 1st and 10th and 8 of the players in the top 10 were able to make improvements on the final day.

John Brown's 2 improvements were enough to take 3rd place. Leading going into the final round and having hopes of a double win Gary Danskin had to settle for 2nd place. Our winner had found himself at the top of the leaderboard after rounds 3 and 4 but missing round 5 dropped him back. Undaunted he came out, made 3 improvements and found himself crowned 2020 Rainbow Hills Eclectic Champion. Congratulations to Andy Coop.

Congratulations to all of our winners! As always full results are posted on our Leaderboard.

We are proud to report that the D.O.G.S. collected 5,330,000 IDR in donations that will be handed over to Riahana "Hanna" Ariestya for Tempat Belajar the charity she works with.

Another great tournament has come to an end; without the continued support from members we wouldn't be able to pull these off. Thank you to everyone who comes out. Special thank you to Lili Bristow who provides the great snacks that are waiting for us when we come off the course. Thank you to Sarah Brown for the excellent job booking the courses and making sure we are well taken care of. Big thanks to our committee of Kevin Dobson our MC, Craig Edwards and Rod Williams who do the dirty work collecting scorecards and fines and helping with the scoring, and to our competition Team Captain Douglas McQuater (who will be calling on you soon).

We now move to our final tournament of the year which includes some exciting additions to the normal format. On December 12th POCKSIA, Tee Set and SMoGs will join us for a unique 4-way competition. December 19th will be our final round of 2020 and our End of Year Party will follow immediately at the clubhouse.

Grab a friend and come out and join us.

Where: Matoa Nasional Golf Course

When: Saturday, November 14, 2020

Tee Off: 11:32

Green Fee + Golf Cart: 650.000 IDR/person

As we need time to arrange groups and be prepared for the possibility of an early start we request players are at the course 1 hour early.

If you would like to join us for a round there are several ways to register:

If you are going to be late or decide not to play let us know so appropriate arrangements can be made.

See you at the course,




It's always handy to have a copy of the rules in case a situation comes up and you are unsure of what to do. Follow this link to download a copy of the USGA rules to your phone.

Test your rules knowledge by taking this short quiz. Send in your answers to with Subject "Rules Quiz Answers for your name". "your name" should be your actual name.

We will announce the winner and post the answers next week.

1. True or False: You may move another player’s golf bag so that a ball in motion will not hit it.

  • a. True

  • b. False

2. You slice your tee shot into the trees and in trying to play back out to the fairway, your second shot hits a tree, bounces back and hits your body after being unable to move out of the way. The ball comes to rest in the rough. What is the ruling?

  • a. There is no penalty and you must play the ball as it lies.

  • b. There is no penalty, but your stroke does not count and must be replayed.

  • c. You get one penalty stroke and must play the ball as it lies.

3. True or False: If you place your foot in a position to stop another player’s ball from rolling off the front of the putting green, you are penalized whether or not the ball hits your foot.

  • a. True

  • b. False

4. You play your ball from the putting green, and the ball in motion accidentally hits a towel dropped on the putting green by the caddie of another player. What is the ruling?

  • a. There is no penalty to anyone, and the ball is played as it lies.

  • b. There is no penalty to anyone. Your stroke does not count, and the original ball or another ball must be replaced on its original spot.

  • c. There is no penalty to anyone. You have the option to play the ball as it lies or replay the stroke.

  • d. The player whose caddie dropped the towel gets the general penalty since the ball hit the towel. Your stroke does not count, and the original ball or another ball must be replaced on its original spot.

5. True or False: If your ball played from the putting green is deflected by a leaf being blown by the wind, the stroke does not count.

  • a. True

  • b. False

6. While a ball played from the putting green is in motion, which one of the following may not be moved to prevent the ball from hitting it?

  • a. A ball at rest on the putting green.

  • b. A flagstick that has been removed and lies on the putting green.

  • c. A twig.

7. When it is known or virtually certain that your ball in motion was deliberately stopped or deflected by a person, which one of the following is true?

  • a. If your stroke was made from off the putting green, you may play the ball from the spot where it comes to rest.

  • b. If your stroke was made from on the putting green, your stroke does not count and you must replace the original ball or another ball on its original spot.

  • c. Regardless of where your stroke was made, you must estimate the spot where the ball would have come to rest and play a ball from that location.

8. While your ball is in motion after a stroke, another player, who is not aware that your ball was in motion, lifts a rake to rake the bunker from where the other player had just played. Your ball rolls through the area from where the rake was lifted. What is the ruling?

  • a. Neither player gets a penalty.

  • b. You get the general penalty.

  • c. The player who lifted the rake gets the general penalty.

9. In stroke play, you hit your third shot into a par-5 green but it goes too far and over the green toward a red penalty area. Your caddie, who had walked ahead and was near the penalty area, intentionally stopped the ball before it could go into the penalty area. Seeing this happen, you estimate the spot where the ball would have come to rest in the penalty area. Based on that spot, you decide to take penalty area relief. After correctly dropping a ball, you hole out in two more strokes. What is your score for the hole?

  • a. 6

  • b. 7

  • c. 8



Covid-19 Player Safety

Playing is the sole decision of each player. There is adequate information available publicly on Covid-19 to allow each person to form their own judgement on playing and what steps should be taken to protect oneself and playing partners.


As previously mentioned, the D.O.G.S. will have a charity collection jar out at each of our games. At the end of each tournament all collections gathered during that tournament will be donated to a charity with a connection to the D.O.G.S.

For our Matoa tournament the beneficiary will be Indonesian Street Children Organisation more commonly known as ISCO. Founded by Josef Fuchs, who played D.O.G.S. regularly in the early days, ISCO has been in existence for over 20 years helping to provide education for street children in Indonesia. Some success stories:

  • ISCO is active in bringing education to over 2,500 disadvantaged children in Indonesia.

  • ISCO guarantees a job for every sponsored child, who reaches graduation at senior high school.

  • This year, we have already found more than 100 jobs for them, also thanks to you, who frequently attend this popular and very inclusive weekly social gathering.

  • 42 are presently studying in different universities.

  • In total, already more than 6,000 children went through our education programs.

  • See more about ISCO at

Jens Roestel arranges the ISCO Monthly Golf Charity Tournament which many of us play in. Jochen Overberg and Axel Hertzke hosted the last 2 German Open Cups which benefit ISCO as defending champions.


We continue to see participation grow with myGolf2u. We will really be pushing its use at Matoa so that we are able to go live in January. If you need some help just ask Rod Williams and he will be happy to help you out.

Before turning in your scorecard at the end of the round make sure your scores are entered.


As we enter our final tournament the D.O.G.S. are looking for sponsorship for the End of Year Party and for next year. If you or someone you know would like more information please send us a note to

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