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D.O.G.S. First Round at Riverside Golf Club

Hail the D.O.G.S.!!!!!,


Our return to play was well attended with 24 players turning up and eager to start their quest for the Big Dog. The course had groups set up to tee off 1 and 10 at 14 minute intervals with players limited to 1 per cart. To minimize crowding everyone was asked to wait in the clubhouse until their tee time and the starter was diligent in coming to get each group as their time approached.

Thank you to the other societies who who came out to support our new start represented by Roger Finnie Tee Set President and Rob Nicholls T-Drivers founder.

The weather was cooperative at the beginning with sunny skies greeting us. A short but intense storm on the back nine held up play but passed and the greens quickly drained allowing play to continue.

Fellow Dog Jari Rahtu left behind his favorite beverage when he departed for Finland which Dougy McQuater kindly brought along to share. A lapse in judgement sent the bottle over the the table where the Finish contingent was sitting a bit early and the bottle was promptly FINished. Cheers Jari, we hope to see you back soon!

As our previous tournament was ended prematurely we had some old business to take care of and prizes were awarded to the winners. Congratulations to Keith Gorman for 3rd Place Eclectic, Craig Edwards for Runner-Up Eclectic, Tim Knight Lowest Gross Champion and our Modern 2020 Eclectic Champion James Bristow!

There was a bit of rust showing on some of the players in our first round at Riverside with Jari Antikainen posting 4 scores 9 or greater while coasting to a smooth 114, Craig Edwards followed his Runner-Up effort with 101 and Modern Champion James Bristow took home the Booby Prize this week.

Roger Finnie has clearly been playing as he had no trouble negotiating his way around the course shooting a 77 to take Lowest Gross and Weekly Champion. Indar Dhaliwal, the best 30 plus handicapper around, was Runner-Up for the day. This is a guy you want on your scramble team.

Congratulations to all of our winners! Full results can be viewed on our Leaderboard.

Grab a friend and come out to join us for our next round.

Where: Riverside Golf Club

When: Saturday, June 6, 2020

Tee Off: 11:34

Green Fee + Golf Cart: 800.000 IDR/person

As we need time to arrange groups and be prepared for the possibility of an early start we request players to be at the course 1 hour early.

There are several ways to register:

If you are delayed please let us know and we will make arrangements for when you arrive at the course. Similarly, please let us know if you decide not to play.

Forgot to sign up or made a last minute decision to play? No problem. Last minute guests are always welcome, but please WhatsApp us a text and let us know you are on the way.




Player Safety

Each player is expected form their own judgement as to whether they are comfortable to join.

Players are responsible for their own safety; with the information available publicly they should be adequately informed on the risks to playing and what steps can be taken to protect oneself and playing partners.

The course has asked us to inform players that while they are waiting to tee off they should maintain proper social distancing and not congregate in the starter area.

D.O.G.S. vs Tee Set

As our annual weekend at Rancamaya was canceled due to PSBB we were unable to have our match against Tee Set for the coveted Juergen Degert Trophy. This has been rescheduled for June 14th during our 3rd round at Riverside.

Roger Finnie has been working with the course and Jayson's Meats to arrange a poolside barbecue following the round. This is shaping up to be a fun day.

Our Team Captain is Douglas McQuater, please let Doug our us know if you would like to represent the D.O.G.S.

WhatsApp Groups

We have 2 WhatsApp groups for players to keep up with us.

Clicking the link below on your mobile will take you to our group D.O.G.S. Updates where game related information is shared.

This link is for D.O.G.S. Chatter. Members use this to share anything they feel may be of interest to other members.

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