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D.O.G.S. Fourth Round at Permata Sentul Golf Club

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Hail the D.O.G.S.!!!!!,

28 players turned up for our fourth round at Permata Sentul. Once again the course was very busy; the Starter did a great job getting the D.O.G.S. started off both 1 and 10 with no groups able to sneak in between us. While not as fast as previous weeks the pace moved along methodically and allowed all players to finish and be back in the club house before darkness fell.

Edwin Thieroff from the YHOGs dropped in and brought along Duff Soby. Good to see you both again.

We would also like to welcome Dan Parkes who played his first D.O.G.S. round. Well done winning your first prize with the Most Exercise! Looking forward to seeing you back soon.

Laurie O'Connor was this weeks Deemples Handicap Low Net winner with a 67 net. He also took home 1st Runner up with 42 Stableford points. Weekly Champion is a very happy Tribhuvan Singh with 44 points. Not bad for a guy with only 3 months golfing experience.

As is the norm with week 4, players were looking for improvements to best position themselves for the last couple of rounds down the stretch. In the Eclectic Amol Singhal made enough improvements to stay at the front of the pack where we saw quite a bit of position shuffling. Most notably Mark "Dirty" Johnson moving into 2nd. Mark also took the Putting Champion award with a 28 on greens which gave everyone fits.

Tim Knight finished his front nine (course back nine) with a 1 over par 37 and looked to be well on the way to cementing his hold on the Lowest Gross title with another low round. Details are sketchy on what happened next on the 1st tee; some say Tim stepped in a hole while others insist there was a nudge or a shove involved. No one can say for sure what happened (especially not Craig Edwards who was the closest one to the injured party at the time); the end result was Tim sprawled on the ground clutching at his ankle. With his round over Tim was resigned to riding in the cart the rest of the day staring daggers at Craig. The D.O.G.S. wish you a speedy recovery Tim and hope you can make it back for next week.

Congratulations to all of this week's winners. Full results can be found on our Leaderboard page.

Next week we will be joined by our friends from POCKSIA for a friendly competition. Format will be total number of Stableford points per team. Please let us know when you arrive at the course if you would like to represent the D.O.G.S. We will still be running our regular game for the Penultimate round for those not in the team competition.

Get up off the couch, grab a friend and come join our next game.

Where: Permata Sentul Golf & Country Club

When: Saturday, August 31, 2019

Tee Off: 12:30

Green Fee + Golf Cart: 750.000 IDR/person

Golfers are requested to be at the course one hour early to allow for arranging of groups and to take advantage of an early start should the course allow. We have been able to start early on 3 of 4 rounds played so far.

Please let us know you are playing by noon Friday, August 30.

Players are encouraged to sign up via our website, from your mobile using using Deemples or by email to





If you have not yet ordered a shirt let us know by tomorrow, Monday, August 26 if you would like one. Check them out here.

Course Survey

We have posted the results of our survey in the members section for those who would like to review.

We have noted the rankings and preferences for the courses as well as what D.O.G.S. are willing to pay and will adjust our schedule suitably where possible.

Thanks to everyone for their input.

D.O.G.S. WhatsApp Group

Last week we started a WhatsApp group for the D.O.G.S. with the purpose to provide quick information when necessary. If you aren't in the group, and would like to be, please send us your mobile number to

Tailor Visit

Paul Bespoke is visiting Jakarta next weekend. If you are owed a Blue Jacket or need alterations on your existing jacket please make an appointment with them. For those in the market for custom made clothes Paul provides a quality product at very competitive rates. Check out Classifieds for more details.

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John Brown
John Brown
27 de ago. de 2019

Get well Tim!

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