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D.O.G.S. Fourth Round at Pondok Cabe Golf & Country Club

Hail the D.O.G.S.!!!!!,

The fourth round at Pondok Cabe again saw an abundance of Scottish mist. The starter got us away around 11:30, but play was a little stop start with the intermittent storms. A large downfall around 4:15 PM looked like it had set in so everyone called it a day with a number of groups finishing and a few more with only one of two holes to go. So results were calculated over 16 holes this week. Ironically the late storm cleared up and we might've gotten a few more holes in much later but we had all packed up by then.

Welcome to D.O.G.S. to Perry Wang who managed to pick up a Drive & Pitch prize on his first day and to Sami Kekonen who also had an impressive round. The cutdown calculations suited Tribhuvan Singh (TPS) who managed to pick up his second Little Dog in a row. For those of you who did complete rounds, your full round scores have been calculated in the lowest Gross, and any improvements recorded even if on the last two holes.

The week is moving by quickly so grab a friend and sign up for our Penultimate round at this venue.

Where: Pondok Cabe Golf & Country Club

When: Saturday, February 8, 2020

Tee Off: 12:00

Green Fee + Sharing Golf Cart: 660.000 IDR/person

Please let us know you are playing by noon Friday, February 7.

Players are requested to be at the course 1 hour early so pairings can be made and we can take advantage of early start should it be possible.

If you are delayed getting to the course please let us know and we will make sure arrangements are made for when you arrive at the course. Similarly, please let us know if you decide not to play.

As always, last minute guests are welcome, but send us a text and let us know you are on the way.

It has never been easier to register, so sign up using the Deemples App on your mobile, via our website or by old fashioned email to


jb & Kevin


Competition with POCKSIA

Don’t forget D.O.G.S./YHOG/POCKSIA day on the 15th. Doug McQuater will be Captain for the D.O.G.S. please let us know if you would like to represent the D.O.G.S. by contacting Doug directly or dropping us a note

The YHOG Boys will be hosting a BBQ that afternoon so there will be chance to enjoy some good food and catch up with old friends.

All game fees, fines and proceeds from this round will be donated to the YHOGs to support the work they do to change the lives of children across Indonesia through harelip and cleft palate surgeries.

YHOG Charity Ride

On the subject of YHOG – The Yayasan will be doing a charity ride to one of their supported orphanages on the 9th of February, if anyone has any hand-me-down kids clothes (0-15), shoes or toys you don’t need anymore the boys will take them off your hands – please contact KD if you can help.

Handicaps (text borrowed from Tee Set)

The new global handicap system is being rolled out in 2020. It is not a one-shot exercise but a progressive roll-out where-by those unions, USGA and Australia Golf notably, which are already broadly in line with the new system will change over early in 2020 and those for which it is a more extensive process of change, notably the UK unions under the current CONGU system, will change over later in the year – around November from the latest announcements by the R&A.

Our handicap system provider, under the USGA system, has advised that the 2020 module will be compliant to the World Handicap System and so when we roll over to the new module, usually January each year, our handicaps will be recalculated under this new rules. The only major change which will be notable for us is that the handicap will become the average of the best 8 cards versus best 10 presently (for those with 20 counting cards) and handicaps will tighten slightly as a result.

There are also administrative caps on how quickly a handicap can rise and adjustments on the daily playing conditions which may impact the overall results of the group on a particular day versus the standard ratings for the course. These will be handled within the system and therefore require no additional work on our part. We do not know when other Societies and Clubs will change over but we expect it to be sooner rather than later since all largely follow the USGA process for which the January transition is slated.

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