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D.O.G.S. Fourth Round at Riverside Golf Club

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Hail the D.O.G.S.!!!!!,

31 Dogs turned up for the 4th game of our Riverside Eclectic tournament. As we were sharing the course with a junior tournament an early start was not possible so everyone took the opportunity to enjoy a leisurely breakfast. Play commenced at the booked tee time with all players going off the 1st tee box. During the round the overcast sky kept the temperature down but did nothing to combat the humidity making for a sticky walk around the course.

This week we welcomed 4 newcomers; Misa Meodrag, Rohit Bhalla, Issac Thambi and Hendra Effendy. We hope you enjoyed your day with the D.O.G.S. and will be back again soon.

James Farmer traveled all the way from Houston for his annual D.O.G.S. round and brought along Gareth Atkinson. Great to see you both back!

On the other side of the spectrum we sadly say so long to Gary Mond who is headed back to Qatar. Good luck in Qatar Gary and perhaps you'll be able to sneak in another round over the coming weeks as you rotate in and out of Jakarta while finalizing your move.

Gary Mond with his D.O.G.S. participation trophy.

On the day we had one double winner with Misa Meodrag starting off his D.O.G.S. career by picking up a Drive & Pitch and 1st Runner Up. Tim Knight came back from a very disappointing score in week 3 by posting a 79 to take Lowest Gross. Sarah Brown showed up the men by taking the Longest Drive on 9, Fernando Gaggino was able to take the LD on 18 but only just beat Sarah by a meter and keep her from getting both! Andrew Shaw was our Weekly Champion, on count back, with 41 points; he was nowhere to be found at the prize giving, must be the shy type.

Where's Andy?

Congratulations to all of the weekly winners. Please check our Leaderboard for full results.

With 2 weeks to go Tim Knight has emerged as the leader in both the Eclectic and Lowest Gross. This is far from over and many players can quite easily catch him, so get off the couch, grab a friend and sign up to play in our penultimate round (note the Sunday play day).

Where:  Riverside Golf Club

When:  XXXXXX Saturday April 27, 2019 - Change from originally planned.

Tee Off:  11:30

Green Fee + Golf Cart:  775.000 IDR/person

Golfers are requested to be at the course one hour early to allow for arranging of groups and take advantage of an early start should the course allow.

Please let us know you are playing by noon Friday, April 26. Players are encouraged to sign up using Deemples app, our website, or via email to




D.O.G.S. Vs Tee Set

If you haven't booked your room for the D.O.G.S. versus Tee Set weekend at Rancamaya you should do so soon.

Drop us a note or let D.O.G.S. Captain Mark Johnson know if you would like to represent the D.O.G.S.

Rancamaya Schedule

Due to timing of Lebaran this year we only have 4 weeks at Rancamaya and therefore will be altering our format. We have been asking around and most people are in agreement with the proposed schedule below. Unless we hear differently we will be going with this.

Week 1: Alternate Shot format.

Players A and B partner with one another on an alternate shot team, or side. They decide among themselves who tees off on the first hole. Let's say they decide on Player A to hit the opening tee ball. So on the first hole, A hits the tee shot. They walk to the ball, and Player B hits the second shot. The third stroke is played by Player A. Then Player B hits the fourth. They alternate hitting shots until the ball is in the hole.

They also alternate hitting tee shots, so since in our example, Player A hit the drive on the first hole, on the second hole Player B tees off, and so on throughout the round.

Week 2: Potluck Pairings where groups are chosen randomly allowing for players to mix in with others they may not have played with before. Competition will be Stableford with a Little Dog awarded to the highest points.

Week 3: D.O.G.S. vs Tee Set match with Stableford competition run alongside.

Week 4: Red vs Blue Team competition. Teams will be drawn randomly on day of play and proceed to have a fun match play competition.

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