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D.O.G.S. Second Round at Pondok Cabe Golf Club

Hail the D.O.G.S.!!!!!

A total of 58 players turned out for our second round of this Eclectic series and the annual D.O.G.S. vs POCKSIA match play competition. 23 POCKSIA and 35 D.O.G.S. players, with a few overlaps made up the numbers. The weather wasn’t as kind as it could have been, with a continuous light drizzle and occasional heavy rain bursts. However it didn’t disrupt play and we got off on time with a full shotgun start thanks to the management of Pondok Cabe who essentially closed the course for us.

Both societies fielded 8 two person teams for the match play games but more on that later.

Following the round Nyetik BBQ had delicious hamburgers waiting for us which were thoroughly enjoyed by all while the results were being compiled.

Avnish Patankar brought along some samples of his Microgreens product to taste. Everyone agreed the were very good. See Avnish directly for more information on them.

In the regular D.O.G.S. round of the Eclectic series, for which all players were eligible, young Shlok Rajeev took both a Nearest to the Pin and Longest Drive prize. Alex MacGregor taking the other Nearest to the Pin and Sami Kekonen the other Longest Drive honours. The Drive & Pitch prizes were taken by Mike Webb, who had gone over to the dark side by playing for POCKSIA, and David Moore.

Uncharacteristically Ezra Alexander won the Booby Prize; he must have had other things on his mind!. Bill Lajousky saw more of the golf course than anyone else taking the Most Exercise award.

Dave Keddington’s putter was clearly working, or he just missed a lot of greens, making him this week’s Putting Champion. Actually, maybe he did hit all the greens in regulation as he also took the Lowest Gross honour yet again.

Count backs are almost becoming the norm these days with Diarmuid Flanagan missing out on the top prize and taking the Runner Up position with Alex MacGregor winning his first Little Dog to become this week’s Champion.

Congratulations to all of this week's winners!

The Eclectic is starting to take shape with Dave Keddington holding a 2.4 point lead over James Bristow but there’s still a very long way to go. The full standings can be seen through the links on our Leaderboard page or in the mygolf2u app.

Now to the D.O.G.S. vs POCKSIA match play. Eight teams from each side battled it out for the annual honours and trophy. Each 2 man team posted their better ball net against the opposing team. The good guys prevailed again taking the honours and the Trophy 5½ to 2½. Better luck next time POCKSIA !!!! and thinks to all the D.O.G.S. team players who secured such a convincing victory. Go D.O.G.S.!!

This is always a tough contest and with this years win the D.O.G.S. now hold a slight edge in the series with 3 wins, 2 losses and 2 draws.

The full results were as follows:

Next week will reach the halfway point in this current Eclectic series so register early please.

So, Grab a friend and sign up for next week’s round. Let Rod know your group preferences as soon as possible please as usual.

  • Where: Pondok Cabe Golf & Country Club

  • When: Saturday, March 5, 2021

  • Tee Off: 12:00

  • Green Fee + Golf Cart:

850.000 IDR/person cart sharing

700.000 IDR/person walking

To register:

Rod & jb


The Rules and what it means when we play.

Courtesy of fellow Dog, Jens Roestel, R&A First Grade Umpire.

A strong gust of wind causes a players ball to move on the putting green before she has had a chance to mark, lift and replace the ball. The player must replace her ball on the original spot.

A - False

B – True

Correct answer: A

Explanation: If natural forces (such as wind or water) cause the player's ball at rest to move, there is no penalty and the ball must be played from its new spot. There is an exception to this which states that if the ball on the putting green moves after it had already been lifted and replaced, the ball must be replaced on its original spot, however as the ball had not been lifted, that does not apply here.

In a stroke-play competition, A, B and C were drawn by the Committee to play together starting at 9.00 am. A and B were present at the appointed time. C arrived at 9.02 am, after A and B had teed off, but just in time to play in the correct order. What is the ruling?

A - C is disqualified

B - There is no penalty.

C - C gets a penalty of two strokes.

Correct answer: C

Explanation: As C arrived and was ready to play within five minutes after his starting time, he gets a penalty of two strokes for failure to be ready to play at the start time established by the Committee. If C had arrived more than five minutes after his starting time, the penalty would be disqualification.

On the first hole of a stroke play competition, a player uses his distance measuring device before he hits second shot and then again before his third shot. The device had the ability to make an adjustment for slope and this was turned on. What is the ruling?

A- The player gets two penalty strokes.

B - The player is disqualified.

C - The player gets four penalty strokes.

Correct answer: B

Explanation: A player may get information on distance or direction from a distance measuring device, however such a device must not be used to measure elevation changes. As the player used the device on two separate occasions he would be disqualified.

Bonus. This happened at a recent D.O.G.S. game.

A match play competition between players A and B was completed with a draw declared and both players agreed to a rematch the following week. It is worth noting that during the competition both players agreed many times on the current state of the match.

The following day while going compiling results from the day it was discovered there was an error in the scoring and Player A had won the match. What is the final status of the match?

Rules officials outside of our own were contacted to get their input. The answer is not as obvious as some may think.

A match is not over until the committee declares it is over and this does not mean it has to be declared over the day of the match. The D.O.G.S. Committee could declare player A as the winner based on this.

The rules of match play also say that players should agree on status of the match after each hole and what is agreed upon cannot be changed; for example, a player cannot state they got a bogey and halved a hole only to remember 2 holes later that they actually had a par and should have won the hole. The bogey would stand and no change made to the match status.

In this instance the incorrect status was human error and not a wrong score. However, since both players had agreed throughout the match on the status and agreed at the end that the result was a draw the committee felt that the draw and rematch would be the best solution. Player B, who discovered the error, offered to concede but after discussing with player A they decided to stick with the draw and play a rematch.

Lesson learned here is that players should keep their own score of the match (in this case only 1 player was keeping score) and confirm scores and status after every hole.

Going forward, for the President's Challenge the committee will consider a match completed once players have agreed on the status. Any errors found later will not be considered as grounds to change the status.

If you have any questions about rules please drop us a note to and our Rules Guy Jens Roestel will answer on our website.




Errors in scoring were not reserved to match play during round 2. Another player put a par into the app only to later recall they had a birdie and requested a change. A review of their scorecard showed a par on the hole in question. No change was made to their Eclectic score.

Even though we are using the App for scoring it is still very important that scorecards are filled out correctly; tee boxes played checked, signed by player and scorer. In event of disputes the scores on the scorecards will be considered the correct score, but only if the scorecard is filled out entirely.


Look for our charity barrel after the round. Please note, players are not expected to donate every week; our goal is 1 donation of 100K per player per tournament. The donations are given to a worthy charity at the end of each tournament. These can be seen on our Charity page.

This Friday we will be delivering the donations from the Modern tournament to ANZA during their Friday morning coffee session. If you would like to come with us please drop a note to anyone on the committee.

WhatsApp Group

We have 2 WhatsApp groups for members; our Chatter group which is used for sharing jokes and non-D.O.G.S. related information and our Updates group where we share information specific to D.O.G.S. rounds. If you would like to be added to either or both of these groups please send us an email with your cell phone number to

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