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Round 2 at Bogor Raya 30th June

Hail D.O.G.S.

A bumper field of 44 players for our first round at Bogor Raya.  A little bit of Rain on the day but all groups got through OK.  I must apologise to a couple of the later pairings.  I think the starter was taken by surprise by the size of our contingent and pushed a few groups out at 11:15 or so, That led to a bit of a disjoint between the front end and the back end of the field.  Next week I will hang on until all groups are up on the board and I know where all the slots are, so we can better close out the presentations.

Congratulations to Audie Kaunang for his first outing with DOGS, holding off Brett Shields both on 42 points - enjoy your new handicaps Lads!  David Prosser took up where he left off with an 80 off the stick taking Lowest gross.  Special mention to the Bruderlin family for their perseverance - but even more so for the smiles at the end of the day!!!

Welcome to newbies Audie, Karan Khetan, Werner Leton, Bernard Chevalier, Dan McNally and Tony Anson, and more welcome backs than I can keep track of. But a Special Welcome back to Jesus Garbayo, who now lives in Singapore - long way to come for a round of golf mate but always great to see you!

Unusual to be showing a Big Dog presentation on a first round (below) but Dave Barclay finally caught up with his Big Dog from Pondok Cabe.

Well Bogor Raya was, as usual in stunning condition not to be missed!!! Make sure you register for next week's round, remember all Saturdays while we are here. 

Nearest to the Pin Hole 3 . ROB MAURER Congratulations

Nearest to the Pin Hole 17: NICK McLEAN Congratulations

Longest Drive Hole 8: PAUL DAUD Congratulations

Longest Drive Hole 16: ROB MAURER Congratulations

Drive and Pitch Hole 4: MARK JOHNSON Congratulations

Drive and Pitch Hole 10: ALISTAIR LIVINGSTONE Congratulations

Putting Champion: MARK JOHNSON 29 Putts "Congratulations"

Today's Bobby Prize: CHRIS BRUDERLIN 18 Points "Keep going"

Most Exercise: RITA BRUDERLIN 117 Off the stick "keep going, its good for your health" Lowest Gross: DAVID PROSSER 80 Off the Stick "Well done"

Runner Up: BRETT SHIELDS 42 Points "Congratulations"

Weekly Champion: AUDIE KAUNANG 42 Points "Congratulations"

Where: Klub Golf Bogor Raya When:  Saturday, june 23, 2018 Tee Off:  12:30 Green Fee + Golf Cart:  850.000/person Please reply to this email to Register Please be at the club by 11:30, I will make sure to stay around and make sure of the pairings. Subsequent Rounds Round 3 Saturday 7th July  Inaugural Pot Luck Pairings Day Round 4 Saturday 14th July Round 5 Saturday 21st July Big Dog Round 6 Saturday 28th July Cheers

KD (for JB and Sarah)

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